Wilson Energy Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions regarding your electric or gas services? Answers to the most frequently asked questions are listed below.

If you wish to speak with someone directly, you may contact us at 252-399-2200.


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What should I do if I lose power?

  • If your utility bill is not up to date, contact our Customer Service department at 252-399-2162.
  • If your bill is not past due, check the following before reporting your outage…
    • Check the breakers on the inside and outside of your home. All homes have a panel inside the home and many have one on the outside also, typically located below the electric meter. If any one of the breakers has tripped, it could cause parts or all of your home to lose power. Simply resetting the breaker should restore power. See How do I check my breakers? below.
    • Check with neighbors to see if they are without power also. Typically when multiple customers are without power in the same area, this indicates a larger problem that our service crews will need to respond to.

To report your outage to our dispatch office, either use our online outage tool or call 252-399-2444. We are staffed 24/7 and will work to restore power as quickly as possible.


How do I check my breakers?

  • Breakers have 3 positions—On, Off, and Tripped. If you lose power to part or all of your home, check the panels on the inside and outside of your home for any breakers that are in the off or tripped position. If the breaker has tripped, simply push it all the way to the Off position and back to the On This should restore power. If the problem continues, you will need to contact a qualified electrician to check for other problems that may be causing the breaker to trip.


What if I have special medical needs?

  • If you are on oxygen or have other medical equipment that relies on electricity to operate, you can have your account flagged as a medical priority account. To begin this process you will need to stop by the Customer Service Center located at 208 Nash St. NE and pick up a Medical Alert Form. After filling out the form and having your doctor sign off on it, drop it back off at the Customer Service Center and the information will be added to your account. Please be aware, that while we will do our best to prioritize your outage, you still may experience long wait times during times when large numbers of customers are without power. If this is the case and you are in need of immediate medical assistance, please contact 911.


Does Wilson Energy know my power is out?

  • While it is possible, especially during widespread outages, that we are aware of your outage before you call, in most cases we still rely on our customers to report the outage before we are able to have a crew respond. You can do this using our online outage tool, using our automated outage system by dialing 252-399-2444 anytime, or by calling our dispatch office at 252-399-2424, but be aware that call volumes and wait times may be high. Using the online outage tool will ensure that your outage is reported quickly without the long wait times.


How do I report an outage?

  • The quickest and most efficient way to report your outage to our dispatch office is through our online outage tool.  You may also call 252-399-2444 and use our automated outage entry system. In either case, you will be asked to enter either the Location # (which can be found in the upper right hand corner of your bill) or the Telephone # associated with your account. This allows the system to select your address from our records and send a notification to the dispatch office informing us of the outage. You will then be given an option to leave a message if there is additional information that you would like us to be aware of.


Should I report an outage if my neighbors already have?

  • To ensure that we are aware of an outage at your home, it is always best to report the outage to our dispatch office. This is important because in some circumstances the causes of an outage at your home and at your neighbors’ may be different. See Why does my neighbor have power, and I don’t? If we do not have knowledge of both incidents, it may mean that your home will remain without power even after we have restored power to those around you. When using the automated system, you will be informed if there is a known outage that affects the area you live in, and you also will receive a call back once crews have completed their work, verifying that your power has been restored. This allows you to quickly let us know if you are still without power while crews are still in the area.


Why does my neighbor have power, and I don’t?

  • You may have a tripped breaker or an inside problem that requires an electrician.
  • The individual service that feeds your home may have been damaged.
  • You may be on a different transformer or possibly even a different circuit than your neighbor.

In any of these cases, once you have checked your breakers, report your outage by using our online outage tool or by calling 252-399-2444 and we will dispatch an available crew as soon as possible.


What parts of my electrical service are the City of Wilson responsible for?

  • Customers with Overhead Service—The City of Wilson installs and maintains the lines running from the transformer to the top of the home as well as the electric meter. If any of this equipment is damaged or malfunctioning, the city will repair/replace it at no cost to the customer. The service and meter base on the outside of the home and all electrical components in the home were installed by an electrician and are the responsibility of the customer. In most cases a licensed electrician will be needed to repair this equipment.
  • Customers with Underground Service—The City of Wilson installs and maintains the underground lines running to either a padmount transformer or pedestal that is typically located at or near the property line. We do not install underground lines to the home. The underground lines running from this point to the home were installed by an electrician and are the responsibility of the customer.


What should I do if there are trees growing around my electric lines?

  • Wilson Energy operates several tree crews responsible for maintaining clearance around the large number of primary lines we have throughout the county. Primary lines are the main lines that typically run parallel to the street. Over the course of the year, these crews make their way through the county trimming around the lines in specific areas. However if there is an urgent situation that may endanger a primary line, please report it to the dispatch office at 252-399-2424
  • Wilson Energy does not maintain the same clearance around service lines that run to each home. For trees that are on private property and are growing close to or touching the service lines, you will need to contact a private tree service to either trim or remove the trees. We will however temporarily remove our service line at no cost, in order for the work to be completed safely. Please contact our dispatch office at 252-399-2424 to schedule an appointment for the service to be removed. We require a minimum 24 hour notice when scheduling these appointments. Please note, that our dispatch office is available to schedule these appointments 24/7. However, the time of the appointment must fall between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:30 pm Monday – Friday.


What happens if I do not call NC811 before I dig?

  • If you do not find out where it is safe to dig in your yard, it is quite possible that you will find a buried utility service and potentially create a life threatening situation. Damaging a telephone or fiber optic line may not only cause you inconvenience by the loss of your telephone, cable TV or internet service, but could deprive the neighborhood of emergency assistance.  This would make it impossible for law enforcement and emergency personnel to get the information they need to keep you and your community safe.  Damaging gas lines could result in serious burn injuries and escaping gas could result in a community evacuation.  Damaging an electrical line could cause major burns or electrocution.


What do I do if I damage an underground facility?

  • If this should happen, do not cover the line with dirt…Stop digging! Immediately upon discovery of the damage notify Wilson Energy dispatch office at 399-2432 and NC811. If the damage to a facility results in any of the following:
    • Escape of any flammable, toxic, or corrosive gas or liquid
    • Endangers life, health, or property
    • Discharge of electricity

You must also take reasonable measures to protect yourself, other persons in immediate danger, members of general public, property and the environment until the gas personnel, or emergency responders arrive and complete an assessment of the situation.

Please keep in mind, underground facilities can be damaged by any piece of equipment used for digging.  Something as simple as a shovel can gouge, scrape, dent, or crease the casing that surrounds a buried utility line.  While this type of damage usually does not cause immediate harm, it may lead to a future break or leak as the protective coating erodes.


Who do I contact if I have would like to schedule an Energy Audit or have a Load Management Switch installed on my A/C Unit or Water Heater?

  • To schedule an appointment for either of these services, or for any questions you may have, please contact 252-399-2413


What if I have questions about my bill, or how to start or end services at my home?

  • For any questions about your bill, starting services, cancelling services, or other account inquiries, please contact our Customer Service department at 252-399-2200 or come by the Customer Service Center at 208 Nash St. NE.
Natural Gas

Does Wilson Energy relight pilot lights?

The Gas Division relights pilot lights only if:

  • The meter has been changed out.
  • Routine maintenance has been performed on meter equipment.
  • Routine maintenance has been performed on gas lines.

When a meter is turned off due to a leak on the customer piping, the Gas Division is not responsible for turning the gas back on and relighting pilot lights after the leak has been repaired.


Does Wilson Energy install gas appliances?

The Gas Division does not install appliances. A contractor is needed to install any appliances an occupant wishes to connect to natural gas, as well as any house piping that is necessary. The Gas Division will not recommend contractors for these services.


How large is Wilson Energy’s natural gas distribution system?

  • Miles of Distribution Mains – approximately 394
  • Number of Natural Gas Services – 14,926

***As of December 31, 2014***

What is the current Wilson Energy residential gas rate?

Click the link below to view the current natural gas rate



Is there a monthly facilities charge for natural gas?

Yes, there is a $12 per month fee for having the gas service on, whether or not it is utilized.

***Effective July 1, 2014***


What is a Btu?

A Btu (British Thermal Unit) is the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.


How does the Btu content of natural gas compare to the Btu content of other forms of energy?

Fuel Type

Fuel Unit of Measure

Fuel Heat Content per Unit in Btu’s

Natural Gas





Kilowatt Hour

Heating Oil




How much is 1 CCF of natural gas in other energy forms?

Propane Equivalent

Electricity Equivalent

Heating Oil Equivalent

Natural Gas (1 CCF)

1.133 Gallons

30.217 Kilowatt Hrs

0.741 Gallons

The Btu content for the different forms of energy were obtained from the U.S. Department of Energy’s web site.