Frequently Asked Questions – Water Resources

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How do I establish service, or who do I contact with questions about my bill?
For questions concerning your water bill or how to establish service, call Customer Service at 252-399-2200.
What do I do if I notice a broken water line?
In case of water line breaks, call please call Utility Dispatch at 252-399-2424.
Who do I call if my water pressure is extremely low or has significantly dropped?
Please call Utility Dispatch at 252-399-2424.
I’ve noticed deep water buildup on the roads after a heavy rain. Who do I call?
In case of street drainage problems, call Utility Dispatch at 252-399-2424
My water smells/looks/tastes strange.
For concerns about the quality of your water, call the Water Treatment Lab Manager at 252-399-2378.
How can I find out more information about Buckhorn Lake?
For information regarding Buckhorn Lake Recreation Area, call the Parks & Recreation Department at 252-399-2261.
I have water flowing out of a toilet/drain. Who do I call?
Customers who are experiencing stop-ups in all toilets and drains in their home, Call Utility Dispatch at 252-399-2424. If only one or two toilets/sinks/drains are stopped up in the home, it is the homeowner’s responsibility.
I saw water flowing out of a manhole. Who do I call?
Customers who observe a Sanitary Sewer Overflow should report these as emergencies to Utility Dispatch at 252-399-2424