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About the Shield

Fire Rescue BadgeIn 1992 the Wilson Fire Department underwent a significant change in leadership. For the first time, since it became a career fire department in 1938, a new Fire Chief was hired, who did not come from within the organization. As an effort to help create a new organizational identity and culture, the new chief asked for volunteers for a Task Force with representation from all ranks of the organization. Their charge… develop a symbol for use as a uniform shoulder patch and apparatus door emblem that would represent the pledge of the department’s mission.

Through effective communication, collaboration, cooperation and compromise a symbol was developed from the many ideas and samples that were developed by individuals on this team. The symbolic details of this emblem represent the values, goals and the vision that the members had. The meaning was explained when it was presented to the Chief. It is now a very important part of the identity of the organization and its membership.

  • The Maltese Cross Shape – represents a universal symbol for Fire Departments that value the tradition of protection and service to others, at all costs, as the Knights of Malta historically did.
  • The Rope Trim – displays no beginning or end…symbolizing continuous service to the community.
  • The Background – incorporates red white and blue “stars and stripes” displays the patriotism of the American Fire Service and the love of our country. The words FIRE and RESCUE are vertically displayed on the background field representing an all-encompassing service.
  • The Center Shield – presents a protective armor that safeguards the community. The words Protection, Inspection, Prevention are inscribed on around the Firefighting Cluster of tools used in fire suppression. The crossed tools overlay the flames of fire.
  • The Tree and Tobacco Leafs – integrates two components of the City of Wilson Official Seal . The City of Wilson is distinguished as a “City of Trees ” . Tobacco holds a prominent place in the history of the city, which was once the “Largest Tobacco Market in the World”
  • The Phoenix – is rising from the flames, indicating a reformation of the organization.

Following the development of the organizational symbol… the organization was renamed to reflect the department’s mission and values; thus becoming Wilson Fire/Rescue Services.

Department Chiefs


Albert L. Lancaster

Chief Albert Lancaster

City of Wilson Fire Chief
1938 – 1949

Tyrus R. Bissett

Chief Tyrus Bissett

City of Wilson Fire Chief
1949 – 1971


Ben Williams


City of Wilson Fire Chief
1971 – 1985


Calvin Bruce Rose

Chief C. Bruce Rose

City of Wilson Fire Chief
1985 – 1991


Donald R. Oliver

Chief Don Oliver

City of Wilson Fire Chief
1992 – 2017


Albert L. Alston

Fire Chief, Albert Alston

City of Wilson Fire Chief
2017 – Present

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