Manage Your Bill

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No one enjoys a high utility bill. But by planning ahead, Wilson Energy customers have tools to keep their costs as low as possible.

Reduce Your Costs

The easiest way to keep your utility bill manageable is to manage your use of electricity and natural gas. Because rates typically are constant from month to month, the rise and fall of bills correspond directly with consumption.

More than 50 percent of annual energy costs come from your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Save $68 a Year Through ‘Beat the Peak’ Program

Residential customers can save $4 on their bill every month by allowing us to remotely cycle off their water heater during the peak load of each month. The switch is free; the installation is free. You can also be credited $5/month (during summer months) for allowing us to put a similar switch on your air conditioning unit. Typically, you’ll never even notice that the appliances have been turned off for the short time. The credit appears on your monthly bill.

Together, customers can save $68 a year without any loss of comfort.

To request installation of one or both switches, call 252-399-2415. A Wilson Energy representative will contact you to set up a day and time for the installation.