Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Wilson Energy - Electric

    • How do I check my breakers?

    • How do I report an outage?

    • Should I report an outage if my neighbors already have?

    • What do I do if I damage an underground facility?

    • What happens if I do not call NC811 before I dig?

    • What if I have questions about my bill, or how to start or end services at my home?

    • What parts of my electrical service are the City of Wilson responsible for?

    • What should I do if I lose power?

    • What should I do if there are trees growing around my electric lines?

    • Who do I contact if I have would like to schedule an Energy Audit or have a Load Management Switch installed on my A/C Unit or Water Heater?

    • Why does my neighbor have power, and I don’t?

  • Wilson Energy - Natural Gas

    • Does Wilson Energy install gas appliances?

    • Does Wilson Energy relight pilot lights?

    • How does the BTU content of natural gas compare to the BTU content of other forms of energy?

    • How large is Wilson Energy’s natural gas distribution system?

    • How much is 1 CCF of natural gas in other energy forms?

    • What is a BTU?