Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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The City of Wilson Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division exist to serve and promote a vibrant community by providing resources which ensure a high quality of life.  The City of Wilson's GIS Services division accomplishes this by ensuring our community's spatial and mapping needs are at the forefront by bringing usable and innovative spatially based technologies and solutions to the community.


The City of Wilson Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division serves the community by managing the City's Enterprise GIS and mapping systems. 

Major responsibilities of the City's GIS Services include mapping, spatial data creation, spatial analysis, spatial application development and maintenance of the City's centralized spatial data repository.  Spatial data allows the City, partners, community and external users to make appropriate, timely and informed location based decisions.  The City's spatial data includes data such as tax parcels, roads, zoning, jurisdictions and much more.

Maps and Access

Access to the City's spatial data is provided in the City's Community Maps website.  The website allows for the searching, viewing, printing and downloading of spatially related maps and data.  To visit the City of Wilson's Community Maps website, please click the link here.

The City's GIS Services also offers ready to use maps and applications at its ArcGIS online website.  To visit the City of Wilson's ArcGIS online website, please click the link here.

COVID-19 Maps and Information

To find City of Wilson Greenlight public wireless hotspots nearest you, please click the link here.