Community Risk Reduction / Office of the Fire Marshal

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 Community Risk Reduction

The Community Risk Reduction Division is responsible for identifying and prioritizing local risks and provide mitigating strategies to reduce their occurrence and impact.  The Division is comprised of a Fire Marshal (Deputy Chief Rank), two (2) Assistant Fire Marshals (Plans Review and Inspections), three (3) Fire Inspectors, one (1) Life Safety Educator and one (1) part-time Administrative Assistant. The Community Risk Reduction Division also serves to educate the citizens in all aspects of fire and life safety. Along with a comprehensive list of education objectives, fire inspectors provide a number of other inspection services including tent, blasting, daycare, foster care, fireworks usage, hazardous materials inventory, underground tank removal, and other types of courtesy inspections.  

The division is divided into three areas:

Prevention/Enforcement/Code Compliance

Fire inspectors provide a number of inspection services including annual inspections, occupancy load establishment, tent, blasting, daycare, foster care, fireworks usage, hazardous materials inventory, underground tank removal, and other types of courtesy inspections. Each structure or occupancy is inspected for hazards. If any hazards are found, they are listed so that the owner or occupant can correct them. Enforcement of the fire code allows for identification and correction of unsafe conditions within a property which are a danger to the community and firefighters. This schedule governs the frequency of inspections based on occupancy classification. Schools are inspected twice every year:

Once every year

High Rise
Residential (except one and two family dwellings and only interior common areas of dwelling units of multi-family occupancies)

Once every 2 years

Industrial and Educational (except public schools)

Once every 3 years



Plan Review

The Plan Review section is responsible for reviewing site and building construction plans to ensure that they are designed in compliance with the NC Building and Fire Prevention Codes. These personnel also review fire protection equipment plans for accuracy prior to approving their installation. Fire Inspectors are involved with every aspect of construction, from blueprint plan review to final acceptance testing of all fire protection equipment before occupancy is granted.

CRR Plan Review

Life Safety Education

The Fire and Life Safety Educator is responsible for educating the public in topics that will help their family stay safe in the event of an emergency. This can range from an audience from toddler to senior citizens.  Some of the programs the department has in place cover fire safety, Child Passenger Seat, home smoke alarm checks, inclement weather preparedness, Senior Fire and Fall Safety, and soon a Fire Citizens academy. Wilson Fire and Rescue Services can host a tour of any of the 5 fire stations and tour the Fire and Life Safety Adventure House. The adventure house is not for entertainment but covers a variety of fire safety and other emergency topics. The overall goal is to create awareness programs that are specific for the needs of our community.

Contact Life Safety Educator Shauna Allen-Smith at 252-399-2841 or email at to schedule a program.

S Allen





Permit Requests


Please contact the Community Risk Reduction Office at 252-399-2880 to schedule a Fire Inspection or if you have questions regarding Permits and Plan Review