Utility Deposits

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Payment history with the City determines the need for a deposit. For new customers, the deposit will be based on the following criteria:

•A credit report provided by a third party credit rating agency;
•Customer’s ownership of the premises to be served;
•A Guaranty Agreement; and/or
•Any other factor which bears on the customer’s financial responsibility.


Residential Deposit Amounts

 Service  Standard Deposit  High Risk Deposit
 Electric  $125.00  $250.00
 Gas  $50.00  $100.00
 Water  $40.00  $80.00


Commercial Deposits

Commercial accounts shall pay a deposit equal to twice the average monthly utility bill.


Avoid a deposit by enrolling in PrePay! No credit check, no deposit, no late fees! Contact Customer Service for more details.


Deposit Refunds

All deposits will be refunded promptly and automatically when service is voluntarily terminated and all bills are paid. Outstanding amounts on the final bill will be deducted from the deposit amount prior to refunding. If the deposit on file does not cover the full amount of the final bill, the customer is responsible for the difference.

The City will promptly return a residential customer’s deposit when that customer establishes Good Credit. The deposit shall only be returned as a credit to the utility account.

The City will retain a commercial deposit for the life of the utility account.