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Site Plan Reviews

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All commercial, industrial and multi-family site development plans must be reviewed and approved by the Technical Review Committee.

The Site Plan Acceptance Policy requires the following items:

  1. Completed Submittal Checklist
  2. Site plans and fees should be submitted with the “Completed Submittal Checklist” to ensure the accuracy of the submittal and associated fees. Plans may be submitted Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm at City Hall - 112 Goldsboro Street, E, Wilson, NC.

  3. Completed and Signed Site Plan Checklist
  4. Within one day of submitting a site plan, it will be reviewed for completeness. The site plan will not be shared with the Technical Review Committee until this step is complete. If a site plan fails to meet the city’s standards or lacks documentation, the plan must be corrected. This will be counted as a first review and the next submittal will be counted as a second review. Additional submittals may incur additional fees by the most recent City of Wilson Fee Schedule.

  5. Folded Maps
  6. An appropriate number of folded maps must be provided for review by the Technical Review Committee. [Note: Folds should work in cooperation with site plan cover sheet layout guide and never exceed the dimensions of 8 and ½ inches by 9 inches.]

  7. Digital Submittal
  8. A digital copy of the site plan (in .pdf format) must be provided for the Technical Review Committee. This will provide us an electronic version for the TRC meeting overhead projection.

  9. Standard Plan Layout Sheet Requirements
  10. A uniform layout is required for all site plan cover sheets.

Crepe Myrtle Use Change

Due to the excessive “topping” of crepe myrtles, this species should be utilized as a large shrub and not as a required small tree.

When crepe myrtles are topped, they do not meet the height expectations needed to offer shade and other attributes of trees commonly used along roadways, in parking areas and as buffers. In addition, they can leave ugly scars on the landscape and defeat the intent of the approved site plan.

It is not the city’s intent not ban the use crepe myrtles from use. This species will still be accepted as a large shrub, but will no longer be accepted as a required tree in any landscape plan presented for approval.

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