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Site Plan Requirements

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No building permit(s) will be issued prior to Development Plan approval.

All development plans (except rezonings) must be approved by the City of Wilson Technical Review Committee (TRC). All requests for pre-meetings shall be submitted on the Thursday prior to the scheduled TRC meeting.

The following also require additional review by the Planning & Design Review Board and/or the City Council.

  • New multi-tenant shopping centers greater than 5 acres (P&DRB)
  • New multi-family developments of of or more units (P&DRB)
  • New principal buildings in the CCMX and IMX districts (P&DRB)
  • Rezonings (P&DRB, City Council)
  • Annexations (City Council)
  • Permanent Street Closures (City Council)

Rezoning's track through the Planning Board and City Council. Annexations track through the City Council only. 

Review Process, Timing & Submission Requirements

All development plans must be submitted in accordance with the following schedule to allow adequate review time by the appropriate parties:

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) meets every Tuesday (as needed) at 2:00 pm at the City Operations Center located at 1800 Herring Avenue, E.

Some plans are handled through the TRC without a formal meeting. If plans are circulated and reviewed then comments are sent/emailed to the engineer/surveyor or developer.

Plans that normally require a meeting of the TRC include: 

  • Site Plans
  • Preliminary Subdivision Plans

Plans that normally do not require a meeting of the TRC includes: 

  • Final Plats
  • Minor Plats
  • Annexations

If an applicant wants to deviate from this process (i.e. travel distance creates a hardship), it can usually be worked out.

Any development plans going through TRC must be submitted by 5:00 pm at least ten business days prior to a TRC meeting (two Mondays before the scheduled meeting), unless otherwise determined by TRC policy. The submittal must include 10 full size copies of the plan, one 11x17 copy and a digital file in .pdf format.

Required Submissions

When making the initial submission of any plan (except rezonings), the appropriate fees must be paid and submitted with 10 full size copies of the plan, one 11x17 copy, and a digital file in .pdf format for the TRC (as well as any original forms needed such as annexation petitions, etc.). Submit these items to Development Services at City Hall - located at 112 Goldsboro Street, E, Wilson, NC 27893. 

When submitting a site plan that does not require Planning & Design Review Board and City Council approval, you must submit six revised copies (unless notified otherwise) once revisions are made to the plan.