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File An Annexation Request 

The City Council may decide to annex properties of applicant requesting annexation under the following situations: 

Contiguous Annexation is annexation of property adjacent to the city limits.

Property owners adjacent to the existing city limits may petition the City Council for annexation of their property. Each petition must be signed by all property owners. 

Each petition will be considered on a case by case basis and may decide to annex the property based upon the merits of each case. Primary considerations of NC General Statute 160A-4A include:

  1. Will the annexation of the area best promote the public health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the primary city limits and the area being petitioned?
  2. Does the City have the ability to serve the property petitioned for annexation?
Review Process and Timing

Petitions for annexation must first be submitted to the staff for review. The Land Development Staff places a valid petition on the Technical Review Committee agenda for recommendation to the City Council. Upon recommendation by the TRC, the City Council will hold a meeting to set a public hearing date. At the public hearing, City Council will review the request for final determination.  Click for a meeting schedule for the City Council.

Additional Annexation Resources