Police Districts

The Wilson Police Department operates under a district concept. The City has been divided into 4 quadrants, based on the number of calls for service in each area. Personnel have been assigned to each district to ensure maximum availability of officers for calls for service. Each district has four officers assigned at any given time, with the exception of the North District, which has three officers working. At full strength, there are 17 patrol officers working the City, on a 24 hour basis- 15 patrol officers and 2 Sergeants. In addition to maximum availability of personnel, the district concept allows for officers to become more familiar with the citizens of the community. The community members work with the department to identify and find solutions for problems in their neighborhoods. In order for officers to gain closer contact with the community, the department operates district offices, strategically situated throughout the City.

The Wilson Police Department has several remote locations that are positioned within different districts within the City of Wilson.  The four Police Districts include: North, Central, West, and South.

Find your Police District by looking up your address using the City’s GIS tools here.

Police District Map
Click here for a PDF version of the Police District Map