Leaf Season Best Practices

Leaf season is upon us and effects three of our city divisions – Environmental Services, Streets, and Storm Water.

Environmental Services is responsible for making rounds of leaf/yard pick up. Loose leaves and limbs can be left at the curbside until mid-January. Do not block sidewalks, utility boxes or out in the road at all. If you need to see you pick up day, search your address in our interactive community map or use this color-coded pdf map.  If you have any questions about leaf pick up please call Scott Hedgepeth, Environmental Services: 252-399-2425

The Streets division operates the street sweeper to keep the curb and gutter clean, they do not remove leaf piles and they operate at their best when leaves and yard debris are not in the street. For questions please call Tim Eaton, Streets: 252-399-2481

And lastly, the Storm Water department handles complaints from drainage issues and leaves piled in the street as it is a violation of the Stormwater Ordinance and a public safety hazard to deposit your leaves/yard debris into the street. For questions please call Noah Parsons, Stormwater: 252-296-3305

  1. Leaves clog the storm drains.
  2. The leaf piles present a driving hazard for mail delivery and cars swerving to miss them.
  3. The standing water caused by these piles will present a safety hazard as well.