Hurricane Florence Updates

Hurricane Florence

Sept. 15, 2018 10 a.m.

Current weather conditions from Emergency Management:

  • Part of Wilson County remain under a Tropical Storm Warning, all of Wilson County is under a Flash Flood Warning
  • The wind threat has diminished but we may still have heavy rainfall today
  • Rainfall at Wilson Station:
    • 9/13/2018 5.9 inches
    • 9/14/2018 1.8 inches
    • 9/15/2018 2.8 inches (at 7 a.m.)

Streets Conditions:

  • More streets are closed today from flooding and downed trees. Currently 16 roads are closed in the city.


  • Water treatment and wastewater treatment plants are operating normally

Wilson Energy

  • Currently no outages

Greenlight and UCC:

  • No Greenlight outages at this time.
  • Call volume is light

Wilson Fire/Rescue Services has returned to normal operations.

Wilson Police

  • Call volume light, most calls are for limbs down

Parks and Recreation

  • All recreation programs are cancelled through Sunday
  • Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park closed at 8 a.m. Thursday until further notice
  • Gillette is closed through Sunday
  • Recreation Park Pool is closed and will be closed until bubble is put up and operational
  • Wedgewood Golf Course is closed until further notice


Statement from Greenlight about the Zello app:

There is a great deal of interest and misinformation about the Zello app and other tools that can facilitate two-way radio style communications via cellular devices. These tools have received much publicity for being used in recent disaster situations, however they have limitations. Please understand these tools will NOT work without an internet connection. If you have an internet connection, they should work much like any other social or communications app. Also, be aware these tools are using the same infrastructure and bandwidth utilized to support our first responders and those calling for assistance.  In the event of significant damage to our community’s communications infrastructure, we urge citizens to limit use to urgent communications.

Hurricane Florence General Information

Hurricane Florence is expected to bring high winds and heavy rains to Wilson later this week. Please prepare now for the storm and follow this page for the latest updates from the City of Wilson.

Track and report electric outages

Wilson Energy customers can track electric outages from mobile devices through our new text alert system. You must sign up for the service to begin receiving notifications. The system is easy to use but you do need your account number, found on your utility bill.

Customers can also track and report electric outages from mobile devices through the outage reporting system.

Outages can be reported by calling 252-399-2424.

Don’t drive through flooded areas

Flooding is one of the leading causes of weather related fatalities, with more than half of deaths occurring in motor vehicles. Watch this short video to see how quickly flood waters can take over:

Build an emergency supply kit

If a major storm hits, your family may be without electricity or water. Officials recommend a supply kit with 72 hours of food, water and other needed supplies. See this link for tips to assemble your kit: