Awards Policies


  1. All nominees for the Humanitarian award must be a current resident of Wilson.
  2. All nominees for the Treasure awards (Youth, Volunteer, Community, Neighbor) must be a current resident, employee or volunteer within Wilson County.
  3. Nominations are based on volunteer work, not paid employment. Should the nominations activities overlap with work, the letters and documentation must clearly show evidence of going above and beyond job expectations.
  4. It is the nominator’s responsibility to provide the nominee’s correctly spelled name and address for communication. All correspondence, awards and printed materials will use the name as provided by the nominator.
  5. Only one person per household may be submitted for nomination. In special circumstances,siblings or spouses may be submitted as a team or duo. If a submission of more than one person per household is truly warranted, it must be approved prior to the award deadline by the Human Relations Director.
  6. Nominations may not be submitted by current Human Relations Commissioners. or staff. Commissioners are expected to encourage and promote nominations by community members.
  7. Nominations may be submitted by family members.Additional letters of support by non-family members are highly encouraged.
  8. Individuals or groups may not be submitted for more than one award by the same nominator.
  9. Photographs are not used as part of the selection process, but may be submitted as supporting documentation. Photographs are not guaranteed to be returned.
  10. Nominations must be accompanied by an original nomination letter and signed by the nominator.
  11. Due to the electronic age and ease of duplication, each letter submitted must be original in content and signed by the author. Duplicate letters will not be accepted.
  12. Community organizations, Civic groups, Neighborhood Associations and other community groups are encouraged to submit at least one nomination, with a limit of three nominations per group.
  13. All letters, and nomination forms, must be submitted by the published deadline.
  14. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.
  15. If the information does not meet the award qualifications, the nominator will be notified and the nomination will be automatically disqualified. For example: If an individual is nominated for a group award, the nomination will be withdrawn.
  16. Humanitarian nominations must be accompanied by three (3) letters – one nominating letter and two support letters. The Treasure awards must submit one (1) letter, but may submit more as needed.
  17. Nomination letters and additional support letters, or documents, should describe the nominee’s achievements as related to the award. The letters should contain information unique to the individual describing how he/she has made strides and deserves recognition within the award category. Letters with specific details aids the selection committee in understanding the nature of the nomination.
  18. Award nominees may be released, upon request, but only after the selection process is complete. Award winners are kept confidential and will be announced only during the awards ceremony.
  19. Nominations may not be made posthumously.
  20. All nominations, forms, letters, documentation and selection committee discussion are kept confidential. Information regarding nominees and award winners will be released at the discretion of the Human Relations Director in accordance with the City of Wilson policies and procedures.


All nomination forms and supporting documents should be submitted to:
Wilson Human Relations Commission
PO Box 10
Wilson, NC 27894
Drop off Location
City Hall Annex
104 Goldsboro Street
Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm
Questions?  Call us at 399-2308