High Water: What to do during flooding

Flooding on Airport Blvd – 6/3/14    Photo courtesy of WeatherUnderground


  • Pay attention to barricades

Don’t ignore them by driving past them.


  • Do not drive through standing water on roadways

Flooding is one of the leading causes of weather related fatalities, with more than half of deaths occurring in motor vehicles. The average vehicle can be swept off the road in a foot (12 inches) of moving water. If a road is flooded, take an alternate route.


  • Reporting high water to the City of Wilson

Due to the amount of water that can potentially enter the City of Wilson’s stormwater system during heavy rain events, many roads are subject to standing and/or high water. In the event you witness a main roadway flooding, please call Utility Dispatch at 252-399-2424 immediately. Do not travel down the roadway!