Greenlight Cable Service


Greenlight has an entertainment package that’s just right for your household. Select from one of our five packages and then add the optional digital tiers that suit your needs. In addition to the channels included, all of our digital packages provide you with video-on-demand capability.

Package Price What’s Included
Expanded Basic $49.95 Expanded Basic
Digital Plus $61.95 All channels from Expanded Basic, plus:
Digital Plus, Digital Broadcast, High Definition Basic
* Requires HD set top box for HD programming
Bronze $74.95 All channels from Digital Lineup, plus: 1 Premium channel
Silver $84.95 All channels from Digital, plus: 2 Premium channels
Gold $99.95 All channels from Digital, plus: 4 Premium channels

More HD, Local Customer Service,
Better Television

With Greenlight, cable TV just got a whole lot better!

  • Hundreds of cable and music channels!
  • Local customer service. No more calls to who-knows-where.
  • Video on Demand with a huge video library

Hundreds of Channels!

With nearly 300 video and music channels to choose from, all your favorite channels are available.

Digital Tiers Price
Sports Tier $3.95
Latino Tier $3.95
Movie Tier $3.95
High Definition Tier $7.95
Equipment Price
Standard Digital Box – Primary Included
Standard Digital Box – Additional $8.95
Digital HD Box Upgrade – Primary $4.95
Digital HD Box – Additional $12.95
Digital HD/DVR Box Upgrade – Primary $7.95
Digital HD/DVR Box – Additional $15.95
TiVo – Primary $12.95
TiVo – Additional $20.95
TiVo Stream $9.95
Remote Control Included
Cable Card $7.95

Channel Lineup

Check out the channel listings online or download the Channel Lineup pdf (76 KB)


Greenlight provides digital customers with on-screen access to hundreds of movie titles. It’s called Video-on-Demand, and it means you can start a movie whenever you like and control playback while you watch. Your remote control will provide you with the capability to start, stop, pause, fast forward and rewind the program for the entire rental period. Best of all, the movie returns itself.

TiVo users have access to content on demand through applications like Amazon Video on Demand, but Greenlight VOD is not accessible to TiVo users.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Stop, pause and rewind live TV. Record your favorite show while watching another. Our digital TV services include recorders that allows you to record programs and watch them at your convenience. Need to answer the phone? Just hit pause. Want to see the chase scene again? Just hit rewind. It’s a lot easier than that old VCR, too.

Download the DVR Getting Started Guide (2.03 MB)

  • These rates apply only to customers who buy two or more services, i.e. including cable, Internet and telephone.
  • Applicable fees and taxes apply and are additional to these rates.
  • Based upon credit rating, additional deposits may be required.