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Online Application Improves Tier II Reporting

In the case of hazardous material spills, rapid response is of utmost importance to the teams fielded by local fire and police departments and offices of emergency management. However, current methods for accessing and evaluating chemical storage information and response measures are manual and time-consuming and can delay response efforts.

Facilities covered by the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) must report the characteristics and quantities of chemicals stored on-site as well as emergency contact information by the first day of March every year. This information, known as Tier II reporting, is submitted to the State Emergency Response Commission, the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and the fire department with jurisdiction over the facility.

Typically, chemical inventory records are physically stored by the fire department and LEPCs. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), supplemental forms that contain vital first aid and fire fighting information, are stored in binders at chemical facilities. Collecting chemical storage information scattered at various locations is difficult. Consequently, many first responders report that they do not access Tier II chemical inventory information in emergencies.

Wilson has implemented a system that maintains chemical inventories, site plans, and chemical description information in a central database. In an emergency, first responders can access the most current facility contact, chemical inventory, MSDS, site plan, and other detailed information via a secure Internet connection. The GIS component helps first respondents map the chemical facility and understand its relationship to other critical infrastructure

Wilson Fire Rescue Services does not accept paper submittals.  Wilson Fire Rescue Services relies on the e-Plan Tier II Reporting Software to support the department’s hazardous materials data management system.  Facilities reporting to Wilson Fire Rescue Services should complete submittals using the e-Plan software by selecting the option titled “Online Tier2 eSubmit” and complete the required documents.  To access the e-plan software please select the following link;

Questions please contact Battalion Commander Ben Smith at 252-399-2884 or

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