Life Safety Education

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Community Risk Reduction Programs

All Community Education program request must be submitted in writing:

  • “Get Alarmed” (Smoke Alarm or Battery Installation Program)
  • Child Passenger Safety Seat Official Check Station
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Childcare Provider Training Workshop
  • Life Safety Adventure House and Fire Station Tours
  • Fire Engine Display
  • Seniors Fire & Fall Prevention Workshop
  • Youth Fire Setter Program
  • General Fire Speaker

Contact Life Safety Educator Shauna Allen at 252-399-2841 or email at to schedule your appointment.

Due to Firefighters working a rotating schedule, and other events in the community we may be participating, we require a 14 business day notice. We want to accommodate your event as much as possible, but some date may be unavailable due to departmental training.

Get Alarmed

  In partnership with North Carolina Department of Insurance – Office of State Fire Marshal and Kiddie Aerospace our department will install free of charge (maximum 2 per floor) smoke alarm or replace the battery.  This will be by appointment only due to Engine Companies will remain in service. During the visit cooking safety and exit drills in the home will be covered. If you have purchased smoke alarm we will come out and help install these alarms.

What are the qualifications?

If you are in need of a smoke alarm or know someone in the City of Wilson who needs a working smoke alarm, please call our Life Safety Educator at 252-399-2841. Wilson Fire/Rescue Services has a limited supply of smoke alarms, so we ask you meet these qualifications to receive a smoke alarm:

  • Live in the City of Wilson
  • Non-Renter. If you rent your home, including apartments, you landlord should provide a working smoke alarm.
  • Low-income our unable to obtain an alarm, and/or physically challenged and/or senior with a fixed income.

Child Passenger Safety Seat Official Check Station

Walk-ins are available at any station but to guarantee someone will be available please make an appointment. Please bring your car seat, car seat manual, vehicle manual, and child along with you, if possible. Each appointment lasts 30 to 40 minutes to allow for: inspection of seat, installation, and required educational information. If you are expecting a baby or received a ticket, it is best to schedule your appointment for at least one (1) week prior to the anticipated due date. Appointments available Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at 307 Hines Street West.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguisher instruction classes for area businesses/civic groups are available Monday – Friday, beginning at 9 am. This class is in no way to formally train anyone to become a Certified Firefighter. Classes cover topics such as the parts of an extinguisher, when to use an extinguisher and general home and workplace fire safety, concluded by a hands-on training. Businesses are responsible for providing a meeting area, 2-3 full LP gas cylinders, fire extinguishers (usually 4 people per extinguisher) and a water hose to fill up the extinguisher prop.

Childcare Providers Training Workshop

This workshop will fulfill your requirement for employee training on your annual North Carolina fire inspection form. Topics covered will include, Emergency planning, Interior decorations & furnishings, Means of egress, building services and systems. This will give staff of the facility a baseline knowledge of what is need to help keep children at your facility safe during an emergency situation.

Life Safety Adventure House and Fire Station Tour

Come visit us! Citizens can arrange a tour of any of our 5 fire stations. The Life Safety Adventure Safety House is not for entertainment, but covers a variety fire safety and other emergency topics. Please call the Fire Department at 252-399-2841 at least 2 weeks in advance to schedule a tour of a fire station. Tours must be prearranged and dates approved. Your group can be as small as 1 family or as large as 30 people. Large groups may be divided into smaller groups to tour the station. You must provide an adequate number of chaperones to maintain control of your group. We suggest 1 adult chaperone for every 6 children. A tour generally lasts approximately 45 minutes. Generally, times are available any day between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Evening hours are also available upon request. Please understand that even with a scheduled tour, the possibility exists that the crews could all be called out on an emergency before your arrival or during your tour.


Fire Engine Display

Fire Engines are available for to attend community-wide events within the City of Wilson city limits. All request for Engines must be made at least 2 weeks prior to your event and the date approved. Please keep in mind that Firefighters are on duty the day of your event and may need to respond to calls. Please have a spot reserved so they will have access to the public way. Firefighters will display the equipment used on the truck, provide brief Q&A sessions, offer smoke alarm installation or battery sign up, and hand out fire safety materials.

Fire Safety for Kids!


Smoke Detectors Save Lives

Please visit, my official website designed for kids and their families!!!

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If you have kids between 8-14 years old and want to send them in the direction of a social networking sight WHICH IS SAFE AND MONITORED, check out Wilson City Rescue at! This is an interactive community for fire & life safety as well as many other life & health issues which face their age groups. A comfortable and inspirational place for your children to hang out! Check it out!