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Mission/Vision Statement
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Mission Statement

We are Focused on Excellent Customer Service, “Dedicated to Life Safety”
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Vision Statement

We will be the premier Fire/Rescue Service in the Nation


The Commission on Fire Accreditation International, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation formed originally in December, 1996 under a Trust Agreement between the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). Our mission is to promote quality improvement in the fire service through a process of self assessment.

The Commission on Fire Accreditation grants accreditation to fire and emergency service agencies upon the successful completion of an in-depth self assessment, and on-site evaluation.  The CFAI self assessment process has been under development for over 15 years and has involved hundreds of fire service professionals.

Commission on Fire Accreditation International
An Improvement Model Through Self Assessment




Wilson Fire and Rescue Services
Wilson, North Carolina

The Commission on Fire Accreditation International is dedicated to assisting the fire and emergency service agencies throughout the world in achieving excellence through self assessment and accreditation in order to provide continuous quality improvement and the enhancement of service delivery to their communities.

Wilson Fire/Rescue Services, having met in full the requirements of the Commission on Fire Accreditation International, as witnessed by a team of their peers and members of the Commission, is hereby awarded the status of Accredited Agency. In witness whereof this

Accredited Agency Award is issued this twenty-sixth day of July
the year two thousand seventeen.

Strategic Plan

The City of Wilson Fire/Rescue Services prides itself on customer service. The quality of service to our customers inside and outside the organization depends to a large extent on how we plan our future.

The City of Wilson Fire/Rescue Services has created a Strategic Plan since accreditation in 2002. Our organization has utilized members from all areas of the department to help establish strategic goals during our budgeting process in the past. This document is a merger of the goals into a single document.

This Strategic Plan should serve as a road map to help guide our future. We have incorporated a review and planning process into our Standard Operating Procedure Manual. The planning team establishes issues and goals that will be incorporated into action plans. Progress will be measured in a variety of ways.

The planning process sets goals and includes general time frames within which to complete them. We will periodically reevaluate the goals and adjust our course, as necessary; along the journey…being flexible is an important part of effective planning.

I would like to thank the planning team and each of the members of WF/RS, who work every day to move us effectively toward the future.

Albert Alston
Fire Chief

Personnel & Leadership

Everyone contributes – Everyone is important.

The people who make Wilson Fire/Rescue Services work, from personnel to leadership, are of the highest quality. Various people in our organization including staff, emergency operations, training, maintenance, public education, or fire prevention have all dedicated themselves to the life safety of the citizens of Wilson. Every individual has been selected specifically for the role they serve, and have committed themselves to being an important part of the team.

Albert Alston

Fire Chief


Benjamin Smith

Deputy Chief Operations



James Campbell

Deputy Chief Administration



Michael Sumner

Deputy Chief  Training




Response & Demographics

Wilson Fire/Rescue Service is dedicated to the life safety of its citizenship. How we respond to emergency, and how we use the data collected from past experience with emergency, is a vital part of our ability to serve our customers.

The development of specific service areas for designated fire stations is vital to our ability to respond with efficiency to every call. Our dedication as First Responders to the majority of emergency calls in Wilson is in direct relation to our designated service areas.

Now with the implication of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technologies, we can look at the data gathered in various areas to help make our response that much better. Wilson Fire/Rescue Services, in conjunction with other local service agencies, study various areas of information. Dangerous buildings, areas of fire prevalence, flood plain areas, vehicle accident tracking, water distribution and others to help us learn new and more efficient ways to respond to, and prevent, future emergency situations.

Response and Demographics