Water Reuse

What is reclaimed water?

Reclaimed water is wastewater that has been through advanced treatment processes so it can be reused instead of being discharged to Contentnea.  Reclaimed water is sometimes called re-use water, recycled water or non-potable water.  All new distribution piping in the reclaimed water system, including service lines, valves and other appurtenances should either be colored purple and embossed or be integrally stamped/marked “CAUTION:  RECLAIMED WATER – DO NOT DRINK,” or be installed with a purple identification tape, and a purple polyethylene vinyl wrap.

Why are reclaimed water systems important?

Drinking water is a limited resource.  Reclaimed water allows a community to extend the life of its existing drinking water treatment system.

Reclaimed water reduces the amount of nutrients discharged to Contentnea Creek (and the Neuse River Basin) which helps protect the environment.  The City has been required to reduce total nitrogen (TN) being discharged to Contentnea Creek by 30%.  The reclaimed water system will help achieve this goal. 

Reclaimed water also costs less to the consumer than potable drinking water.

How is reclaimed water used?

  • Irrigation of lawns, golf courses, parks, school grounds, industrial/commercial landscapes, etc
  • Industrial and manufacturing processes, such as cooling water and boiler blowdown
  • Fire protection in sprinkler systems located in commercial or industrial facilities
  • Street sweeping and vehicle washing
  • Decorative ponds and fountains

What areas of Wilson can utilize reclaimed water?

Reclaimed water is available to industrial and commercial customers within the following service areas:

  • Wilco Industrial Park area on Black Creek Rd and Commerce Rd
  • Hackney Industrial Park area on Stantonsburg Rd and Charleston St
  • Happy Valley Golf Course
  • Firestone Parkway

The City of Wilson's reclaimed water system currently produces water to irrigate Wedgewood Public Golf Course and the public Rose Garden at 1800 Herring Avenue.