Thomas Lucas Formal Statement

Wilson city officials reacted with sadness at the news Saturday of the passing of Thomas Lucas, chairman of the Wilson County Board of Commissioners.

“Thomas was a wonderful Christian man who worked hard for God, his family and our community,” said Mayor Bruce Rose.

Mayor Rose knew Lucas for more than 30 years. Lucas had been a Wilson firefighter when Rose was fire chief. Later, the two had a friendly relationship as the leaders of the city and county boards.
Councilman A.P. Coleman said that he had been the one to convince Lucas to run originally for elected office.

“He was my county commissioner and he lived in my City Council district so we were each other’s representative,” Coleman said. “It’s a sad loss for our city.”

Prior to his being elected to office, Lucas had served as a member of the U.S. 301 Advisory Committee.

City offices will be flying flags at half-staff until Monday evening in tribute to Lucas.