Wilson Energy Advises to Prepare for Potential Power Loss

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Wilson Energy crews are preparing for the potential loss of electricity from Tropical Storm Arthur, city officials said.

Extended power outages are serious concerns for individuals with special needs or for those who rely on life support devices requiring electricity such as respirators or ventilators, a city release stated. Utility companies are required to maintain and update their lists annually of customers who rely on life support devices. People with special medical concerns in Wilson County may register by calling 399-2224.

The storm, which formed off the Florida coast, is forecast to move toward the North Carolina coast. There’s a chance of tropical storm winds in this area, forecasters said.

People who rely on medical equipment need to be prepared, officials advise. Their emergency preparedness kit should include a list of places to go until power is restored, additional oxygen tanks, and if possible, a backup generator as an alternate power source. Electric power losses should be reported to Wilson Energy at 399-2444.

Safety tips include:

•Residents should take measures to remain cool during power outages by moving to the lowest level of a home, wearing lightweight, light-colored clothing and drinking water.

•Use battery-powered light sources instead of candles.

•Turn off or disconnect electronics and appliances to prevent circuit overload.

•Prior to the storm, turn the controls on a refrigerator to the coldest setting. Food will stay frozen 36 to 48 hours in a loaded freezer and the temperature inside the refrigerator will stay the same for about four hours.

•Consider using a generator as a backup source of electricity. Never use a generator inside the home or in an attached garage, due to carbon monoxide build up.