Matthew brings flooding, damage to eastern North Carolina

Hurricane Matthew brought back memories of Floyd for many Wilson residents with flooding shutting down many roads. Yet the damage was mostly limited in Wilson.

The storm arrived in the Carolinas on Saturday, Oct. 8. Wilson received more than 10 inches of rain in less than 24 hours, which quickly caused streams to overflow their banks and swelled Buckhorn, Lake Wilson and other bodies of water.

At the peak of the storm, more than 80 city streets and additional state roads were closed. Some roads, including Forest Hills Road, were closed for days until floodwater receded.

Wilson’s first responders operated throughout the storm. They responded to 66 emergencies, including 47 calls for assistance. Nearly 150 city residents needed to be relocated.

Yet, every city-owned dam held. The city’s water and wastewater plants continued to focus as designed. And many of the areas that flooded had been purchased in buyout programs after Hurricane Floyd in 1999. In total, 82 housing units had flood damage.

The city’s communications department worked with other city departments to help residents know the current status of city services. After the storm passed, several departments helped residents identify ways to apply for federal assistance.

Presentation of Hurricane Matthew Summary (pdf)