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* Service provided by county or state government


+ Service provided by a non-governmental agency

All phone numbers area code 252, unless otherwise listed,


Abandoned Vehicles

To report abandoned or junked vehicles on private property, call the Neighborhood Improvement Inspector's Office at 399-2220. To report abandoned or junked vehicles on public streets, call the Police at 237-8300.

Accident Reports

Police Reports, call 399-2323; also see Police Reports and Liability Claims Reports.


See House Numbers. 

* Adult Protective Services

Investigates reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation of elderly, disabled adults. Call Wilson County Social Services at 206-4000. 

* Aids Testing

Anonymous testing is available free of charge from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, at the Wilson County Health Department, 1801 Glendale Drive. Must call ahead for appointment 237-3141. 


The Wilson Industrial Air Center located at 4545 Airport Drive NW is city-owned. The Air Center serves industrial and local recreational flight needs. 291-8810. The Rocky Mount-Wilson Airport is located between Wilson and Rocky Mount on NC 97, approximately 15 minutes from downtown Wilson. The Rocky Mount-Wilson Airport is serviced by U.S. Air which makes connecting flights to Charlotte. Free parking is provided. 237-4640. 

+ Alcoholism

See Substance Abuse. 

* Ambulance

For emergency ambulance service, call 911. 

* Amtrak

Click here for information on Amtrak's new bus service.

* Animal Control

Animal control is a service provided by the Wilson County Sheriff's Office. For pickup of stray animals, injured animals and for educational programs for schools, community and civic organizations, call 291-8142. See Animal Shelter; also Dead Animals.

* Animal Licenses

All dogs residing in the city must have and wear a valid dog license/privilege-tax tag at all times. The license must be renewed annually when taxes are listed. State law requires that all pets be vaccinated for rabies and wear a tag proving vaccination. Licenses are available at the Wilson County Animal Shelter for a fee. 291-8142.

 * Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter provides for adoption of unwanted animals and issues required licenses for pets. The Shelter is located at 4001 Airport Drive NW. Shelter hours are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Call 265-5971. 

Appliance Disposal

See Environmental Services Division. 


The city arborist oversees the planting, pruning and removal of all trees on public property. 399-2262. 

+ Arts Council of Wilson

For information on Arts Council of Wilson sponsored activities and other area cultural programming such as drama, exhibits, concerts, club meetings, lectures, classes, and special projects, call 291.4329. 

Athletic Programs

See Parks and Recreation Department 


The city sells city-owned cars, trucks, and heavy surplus by means of an internet auction. A listing of the items currently being auctioned may be found at http://www.govdeals.com/eas/advSearch.cfm?suid=NC&ssid+576 . You must register with the GovDeals website in order to bid on the items. For more information, call the Purchasing Manager at 399-2405.


See Abandoned Vehicles; City Tags; Driver's License; also License Plates.




Backyard Garbage Pickup

Backyard garbage pickup is available for residents who are medically unable to place roll-out containers at curb due to physical limitations. For information, call Environmental Services at 399-2485. 

+ Battered Women

See Wesley Shelter, Inc.  

Beer-Wine Permits

For ABC permits, call (919) 779-0700. For city of Wilson business license, call 399-2179. To report ABC violations, call (919) 514-4720.  

+ Better Business Bureau

See Consumer Protection Agency. 


Registration of bicycles is required within the city. Bikes may be registered at time of purchase from the dealer, the Wilson Police Department (Main Station, 120 Goldsboro St. E) 24 hours a day. Call 399-2323 for further information.  

 * Birth Certificates

The Wilson County Register of Deeds maintains all records of births in Wilson County since 1913. To apply for a copy of a birth certificate, contact the Wilson County Register of Deeds, (101 N. Goldsboro St., P. O. Box 1728) at 399-2935, or write to the North Carolina Department of Vital Records, P. O. Box 1903-MSC, Raleigh, NC 27699-1903. (919) 733-3526. (Fee - $10.00) 


 The city has 26 boards, commissions and committees, most of whose members are appointed by the City Council. Citizens interested in serving on a board or commission should contact the City Clerk at 399-2303.  

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment interprets the zoning ordinance, decides if special-use permits should be issued, determines if variances to the zoning ordinance should be granted and hears appeals on decisions of the zoning administrator. The Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month. For information, call Development Services. 399-2211. See also Planning Board.  

Broadband Internet

The City of Wilson offers cable, phone and the fastest Internet rates in North Carolina through Greenlight, our locally-owned all-fiber optic network.. High definition TV packages are available as well as premium channels and video on demand. Triple play packages start at $99.95. For more information, visit http://www.greenlightNC.com or call 399.2200.


Each year, the City Manager prepares a city budget and submits it to the City Council. The City Council approves and appropriates funding for the next fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) and sets the property tax rate based on the assessed value prior to the end of the fiscal year on June 30th. For more information, call the city manager's office at 296.3398 or the director of financial information services at 399-2150. Copies of the annual budget and other city reports are available at the Wilson County Public Library and in the City Clerks Office.
See also Financial Information Services.

Building Permits

Building permits must be obtained for all new construction, additions and alterations of a building or structure in the city of Wilson. Permits are also required for installation of any general wiring or electrical devices, mechanical installations (cooling and heating), plumbing and gas installations. Residents acquiring permits must arrange for on-site inspections during and after completion of work. Residents who hire a contractor should be certain that the contractor is licensed to work in the city and that a permit is obtained and inspections made. To obtain a permit or to request inspection services, contact Development Services at 399-2219.  

Burning Trash

Burning of trash is prohibited within the city limits.  

Bus Service

Wilson is served by the Wilson Transit System and by intercity carriers Carolina Trailways and Greyhound. Twenty-four hour taxi service is also available. Wilson Transit System online bus routes and schedules or call 399-2488 or the 24-hour hot line at 291-2850. For information on Trailways and Greyhound carriers, call 243-3279. The Wilson Transportation Center is located at 320 E. Nash St. See also Wilson Transit System.  

* Business Property Tax

All tangible personal property, machinery or tools used in connection with a business in the city are subject to taxation. Businesses are required to file a report of taxable personal property with the tax administrator's office between the time a bill is received and January 6. Forms are available at the tax administrator's office. Business property taxes are payable to the tax administrator's office during the month of January. Call 399-2912.  

+ Business Information and Referral

If interested in starting a business in Wilson, call the Small Business Center - Wilson Community College at 291-1195, the Wilson Economic Development Council at 237-1115, the Microenterprise Program of the Wilson Community Improvement Association, Inc., at 243-4855, or the Wilson Downtown Development Corporation at 399-2395.  

Business License

Anyone operating a business in the city of Wilson must be licensed. Licenses may be purchased at the Customer Service Center, 208 Nash St. NW. 399-2179. Licenses may be renewed online



+ Cable Television Service

The City of Wilson offers cable, phone and the fastest Internet rates in North Carolina through Greenlight, our locally-owned all-fiber optic network.. High definition TV packages are available as well as premium channels and video on demand. Triple play packages start at $99.95. For more information, visit http://www.greenlightNC.com or call 252.296.3374.


The Cemetery Commission currently maintains two public cemeteries in Wilson - Maplewood, at 400 College St., and Rest Haven on Lane St. 243-3386.  

* Child Abuse

To report cases of child abuse or neglect, call the Wilson County Department of Social Services at 206-4000. For assistance during off-duty hours, call 911. See also Wesley Shelter, Inc.  

City Clerk

The City Clerk records the minutes of City Council meetings and ensures the safekeeping of all official documents. Call 399-2303. See Clerk of Courts.  

City Council

City Council is the policy-making board of the city. It is composed of the mayor and a member from each of the city's seven electoral districts. Council meetings are open to the public. They are also televised on Cable Channel 8. Council meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers, third floor of the Municipal Building, 112 Goldsboro St E. Mayor's Office, 399-2310.  

City Council Message Line

City Council Message Line a 24-hour voice-mail system, is available to take citizen comments, concerns or suggestions about any city-related matter. Response will be provided if you leave your name and phone number or address. Message Line 399-2320.  

City Hall (Municipal Building)

City Hall is located at 112 Goldsboro Street E. The following offices are located there: Administration (296.3398) - mayor, city manager, community development, human relations, public affairs; Development Services ( 399-2219) - planning and inspections; and Financial Information Services.

City Manager

Wilson operates under the council/manager form of government. The city manager administers the day-to-day operations of city government and implements the policies enacted by City Council. City Manager's Office 296.3398. 

City Operations Center

The Operations Center is located at 1800 Herring Ave. The facility houses the Wilson Energy (399-2414) and Public Services (399-2479) Departments, ITS and Broadband.  

City Vehicle Tag

Though no tag is issued, there is a $5.00 registration fee for all vehicles registered in the city. This fee will be indicated on the annual property tax bill which is mailed in August each year.  

* Clerk of the Court

For any information regarding court-related questions or procedures, call the Clerk of the Court of Wilson County, Civil Court 291-7502, Criminal Court 291-7500.  

Commissions and Boards

See Boards/Commissions/Committees.  

Community Development Division

The Division of Community Development works to eliminate slums, blight and substandard housing throughout the city of Wilson; to aid in the provision of a suitable living environment for all citizens; to revitalize those areas that are declining, including commercial, industrial and residential, through available rehabilitation programs; to aid businesses in developing economic opportunities for all citizens; and to seek funding methods to accomplish these purposes. For more information, call 399-2228.   

* Consumer Protection Agency

This agency enforces North Carolina consumer protection and anti-trust laws. No local office. Complaints should be forwarded to the North Carolina Attorney General's Office, Consumer Protection Agency, P. O. Box 629, Raleigh, NC 27602. (919) 716-6400 or (877)5-NO-SCAM.  The Better Business Bureau - 800- 222-0950.  

* County Commissioners

See Wilson County.  

* Courts

Court Systems -- Bankruptcy, 237-0248; District Attorney, 291-7503. Clerk of Court, 291-7502; Magistrate, 237-8391.  

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is a major emphasis of the Wilson Police Department. Officers are available to help organize Neighborhood Watch programs which encourage neighbors to watch out for each other and report suspicious activities to the police. They also conduct educational programs in the schools and the community. 399-2323.  

+ Crime Stoppers of Wilson

Citizens who have information they believe could help Wilson police solve a crime are encouraged to call the Crime Stoppers hot line. Information can be reported anonymously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Cash is awarded for information leading to an arrest. Call 243-2255.  

+ Crisis Center

The Crisis Center provides a 24-hour telephone assistance line which handles calls for information, counseling and referrals. In addition, the Crisis Center is a referral service for Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Call 237-5156.  

Customer Service

For information on water, sewer, electric or gas service and billing, or for information regarding meter deposit, service charges and payment of bills, call 399-2200. 

Utility payments may also be made online.



DASH -- Decent Affordable Simple Housing assists low-and moderate-income families in purchasing homes through down payment assistance. Located at 110 S. Tarboro St. 237-6862.

 Dead Animals

The city's Environmental Services Division (399-2485) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation ( 237-6164) are responsible for dead animal collection on streets and highways. The Wilson County Solid Waste Department (landfill) also will accept dead animals.  

* Death Certificates

To apply for a copy of a death certificate, contact the County's Register of Deeds, Wilson County Courthouse, 399-2935; or write to the North Carolina Department of Vital Records, P. O. Box 2091, Raleigh, NC 27602, (919) 733-3526. 

* Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

For information on drivers' licenses, call 243-4072. For information on vehicle license plates, call 291-8955. See also Driver's License. 


See Human Relations

* Dogs

Complaints about dangerous dogs are handled by the Wilson County Animal Shelter. 291-8142. See also Animal Licenses. 

Downtown Development

Downtown Development Corporation is responsible for encouraging the ongoing revitalization of downtown Wilson. Its board and staff also provide assistance to existing businesses and new businesses located in the downtown area. 399-2395. 

* Driver's License

The driver's license bureau is located at 1822 SW. Goldsboro St., near Highway 301 South. 243-4072.

Drug Abuse

See Substance Abuse; also Alcohol and Drug Council of Wilson County.



+ Economic Development Council

The Wilson Economic Development Council seeks to attract, retain and facilitate the expansion of high quality business and industry in order to increase the tax base and to provide new job opportunities for Wilson County. The Wilson Economic Development Council is located at 126 W. Nash St. 237-1115.

 + Edna Boykin Cultural Center

The Edna Boykin Cultural Center, located on Nash Street in Downtown Wilson, offers a variety of cultural events. For information contact the Arts Council of Wilson at 252.291.4329.

* Education

Wilson County Schools, 399-7700
Wilson Community College, 291-1195
Eastern North Carolina School for The Deaf, 237-2450
Wilson Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC), 291-0038
Community Christian School
, 252.399.1376
Greenfield School, 252.237.8046
Wilson Christian Academy, 252.237.8064
Sallie B. Howard School for the Arts and Education, 252.293.4150
Barton College, 252.399.6300
Want more information on colleges? Here is a comprehensive and informative resource that helps prospective students navigate the increasingly complex world of higher education. One of the most important factors in choosing a college is a school's accreditation status. Accreditation agencies review multiple aspects of an institution: insuring schools can guarantee adequate library resources, qualified faculty, solid student achievement rates and financial aid access, as well as the ability to receive a license to work in fields where it's required for practitioners.

* Elections

For information on elections, call Wilson County Board of Elections, 399-2836.

 * Emergency

For emergency fire, police or ambulance service, dial 911. For emergency utilities service, dial 399-2444. 

* Emergency Management Agency

The Emergency Management Agency responds to emergencies such as hazardous material spills and any man-made or natural disasters. 399-2830.

 * Emergency Medical Service - EMS

For emergency medical service dial 911. Also see ambulance. 


For information about current vacancies with the city of Wilson, call the 24-hour Job Hot Line at 399-2256. Applications for employment with the city are accepted through the N.C. Employment Security Commission, 109 N. Tarboro St. 243-4141, or the city Human Resources Office at 1800 Herring Ave. The city of Wilson is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. 


See Emergency Medical Services. 

Energy Services

Home energy audits help residents best determine how they can save on utility bills. Audits are available free of charge. Load management switches on central air conditioning units and electric hot water heaters can save consumers money. For information on these and other programs that can reduce consumption and save money, call 399-2412. Information is also available for commercial/industrial customers.

Environmental Services Division

The following instructions have been abbreviated. For complete information on solid waste collection and disposal; services, see Environmental Services Division or call 399-2485.
Garbage-- Garbage is collected once a week from curbside in the 90-gallon roll-out container.
Compostable Material-- Grass clippings, leaves, pine straw, small brush and limbs are collected once a week, on the same day as garbage; but it must not be mixed with garbage. It must be placed in containers, except during leaf season (Oct. 15 to Jan. 15).
Refuse- Trash and refuse, e.g., small furniture items, will be collected on Wednesday from curbside.
Bulky Items-- Household furniture, appliances, etc., are to be placed at curbside and are collected on a call-in basis. 399-2485
Landfill-- City residents may dispose of garbage, trash or refuse at the Wilson County Landfill located at 4537 Landfill Rd., between NC 264 East and NC 42 East. Landfill hours - 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. 291-7335.
Recycling-- Recyclable items should be placed in the red recycling bin and placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your specified collection day. Recyclable items include aluminum, glass, steel cans, newspaper, plastic (milk jugs and soft drink bottles), and magazines. 399-2466.
For additional information on curbside collection, call 399-2485. See also Recycling.



+ Family Life Center

The Family Life Center is an emergency shelter for homeless women and children. The Shelter also provides counseling and support groups. Call 291-2344.

+ Festivals

See Whirligig Festival

Fire/Rescue Services

To report an EMERGENCY, DIAL 911. Fire/Rescue Services provides emergency responses to fires, hazardous material situations and life-threatening medical emergencies. Service is provided from five stations located strategically throughout the city. Fire/Rescue Services also conducts fire safety and code enforcement inspections, public education programs, including fire safety and CPR classes and bicycle registration services. Additional information is available at the Wilson Fire/Rescue Services Administrative Offices located at Headquarters Fire Station #1, 307 W. Hines St. 399-2891. See also Fire Prevention Bureau. 

Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau helps provide a system of life and property conservation through public fire education, fire safety inspections, code enforcement, construction plans review, and fire protection systems installation. For more information, call 399-2881. 


Fishing is allowed from sunrise to sunset at all four Wilson Reservoirs -- Buckhorn, Lake Wilson, Toisnot and Wiggins Mill. For information, call the Recreation Department at 399-2261. 

* Fishing License

State licenses are required in order to fish and are available from some area hardware and sporting goods stores.  For information, contact the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, 512 N. Salisbury St., Raleigh, NC 27604-1188. (919) 662-4370.

* Food Stamps

See Wilson County Social Services



Garbage Collection

See Environmental Services Division.

+ Garage Sale

See Yard Sale.



Handicap Parking

Maximum fine up to $100 for illegally parking in a handicapped parking space.

 Handicap Services

See Wilson Transportation Service. 

* Hazardous Materials

See Emergency Management Agency. 

Hazardous Use Permits

City ordinances require a hazardous use permit for installation and removal of above ground and underground storage tanks and for fireworks displays. Hazardous Use Permits may be obtained from the city's Inspections Division, 112 N. Goldsboro St. 399-2220

+ Health Center

See Wilson Community Health Center; also Parks & Recreation. 

* Health Department

Health department services are administered and provided by the county. 237-3141  

Historic Buildings and Sites

Approximately 75 properties throughout the county have been locally designated as landmarks. Five historic districts in Wilson are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. "Tour Historic Wilson," a brochure identifying the local landmarks, is available upon request. For a free brochure or for information, call 252-399-2217 and see Historic Preservation.

 + Homeless

Salvation Army 243-2696. See Wesley Shelter, for battered women; also Hope Station.

+ Hope Station

Hope Station is a shelter providing temporary housing and food for homeless men. 237-7078. 

+ Hospital

See Wilson Memorial Hospital

Hot Lines

Bus Routes & Schedules 291-2850
City Council Message Line 399-2320
City Job Listing 399-2256
Wilson Energy Customer Service 399-2200
Crime Stoppers of Wilson 399-2352
Crisis Center 237-5156
Wilson Drug-busters 399-2353

House Numbers (Addresses)

The city of Wilson Development Services assigns addresses within the city limits and the extraterritorial jurisdiction zoning limits. City ordinance requires all residences and businesses to be clearly identified with numbers that are visible from the street. 399-2225. 

Housing Authority

See Wilson Housing Authority. 

Housing Programs

The city of Wilson participates in the federally-funded Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and the HOME Program. Under these programs, eligible citizens receive loans for renovations or home improvements, 399-2230. Also see DASH, 237-6862; or call Wilson Community Improvement Association (WCIA), 243-4855; or Habitat for Humanity, 291-0816.

Human Relations

The Human Relations Commission works to develop, improve and promote understanding, respect and goodwill among all citizens. The Commission's staff is available to assist any citizen of the community (including any city employee), who expresses concerns about treatment received in the areas of housing, employment and public accommodations. 399-2308. 

* Hunting Licenses

A state license is required in order to hunt. Licenses are available from area hardware and sporting goods stores. For information, contact the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, NCSU Centennial Campus, 1751 Varsity Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606 or call (919) 070-0010.



+ Imagination Station

Imagination Station is an exciting "hands-on" science and math learning center which features more than 50 exhibits. This nonprofit museum is located in the former post office and federal building in historic downtown Wilson. 291-5113.

+ Industrial Development

See Economic Development Council.


The city enforces a Neighborhood Improvement Program to ensure that dwellings are maintained to a certain standard living condition. Rental customers who need assistance in getting needed repairs made, or customers who feel their house or apartment might not meet current housing standards, may contact the minimum housing inspector at 399-2226. See Building Permits; also Community Development.

Internet Access

The City of Wilson offers cable, phone and the fastest Internet rates in North Carolina through Greenlight, our locally-owned all-fiber optic network.. High definition TV packages are available as well as premium channels and video on demand. Our minimum Internet speeds are 10 Mbps (uploads and downloads). For more information, visit http://www.greenlightNC.com or call 399.2200.



Job Hot Line

See Hot Line.


See Employment. 

Junked Vehicles

See Abandoned Vehicles. 



+ Kwaanza

Kwaanza is a community festival celebrating the cultural heritage of African Americans. Held between December 26 and January 1. Sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department and the Youth Enrichment Program (YEP). For information, call Reid Street Community Center at 399-2285or YEP at 237-1690.



Leaf Collection

During leaf season (October 15 through January 15), citizens should place loose leaves and pine straw behind the curb for pickup by vacuum-type vehicles. At all other times, leaves must be contained (bagged or boxed) and placed just behind curb for pickup. City policy prohibits all open burning of leaves. 399-2485.

 Liability Claims

To report claims of property damage or loss against the city, contact the Management Services Office at 399-2255 or 399-2238. 

* Library

Wilson County Public Library locations in the city are: Main Library, 249 W. Nash St.,237-5355 ; and East Wilson Branch, 506 SE Ward Blvd., 237-2627. 

+ License Plates

Within 30 days after moving to North Carolina, residents must obtain a North Carolina driver's license, car title and registration. License plates, registrations and titles are available from the North Carolina License Plate Agency, 4000 Ward Blvd. 291-8955. All motor vehicles registered in North Carolina must pass a routine safety inspection once a year. Proof of inspection is required for vehicle registration. Inspections are performed by state-approved commercial service stations. See City Vehicle Tag. 

Licenses and Permits

See Animal Licenses, Beer-Wine Permits, Birth Certificates, Building Permits, Business Licenses, Death Certificates, Driver's License, Fishing License, Hazardous Use Permits, Hunting Licenses, License Plates, Marriage Licenses, Occupancy Permits, and Parade Permits. 

Light Bills

See Customer Service and Wilson Energy

Load Management

See Energy Services.

 + Low-Income Housing

See Wilson Housing Authority; also Community Development; DASH - Decent Affordable Simple Housing, 237-6862; and WCIA - Wilson Community Improvement Association, 243-4855; Habitat for Humanity, 291-0816.



* Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses are issued by the Wilson County Register of Deeds at 125 E. Nash St., in the Courthouse. 399-2935. 


The Public Services Department is responsible for updating the official city street map. Copies are available, for a fee, at the City Operations Center, 1800 Herring Ave. 399-2462.


The Mayor, elected every four years, presides at City Council meetings. Together, the Mayor and the City Council are responsible for establishing the general policies under which the city operates and for adopting the annual budget. 399-2310. 

* Mental Health Services

See Wilson-Greene Mental Health. 

Municipal Building

See City Hall.



Neighborhood Associations

The city's Human Relations division works with local neighborhood associations to inform them about municipal policies and help make them as effective as they can be. Call 399-2308 for more information.

Neighborhood Watch

See Crime Prevention.



Occupancy Permits

An occupancy permit must be issued before a new single-family home is occupied and before a new business or office occupies a new or existing building. Permits are issued by the Inspections Division located in the Municipal Building. 399-2218.

Operations Center

See City Operations Center. 

Overgrown Lots

To report overgrown lots, weeds and other unsightly conditions, call the minimum housing inspector. 399-2226.



Parade Permits

The Wilson Police Department issues permits for parades, marches or pickets. Download an application here or call 399-2323.


The Wilson Parking Commission maintains 10 public parking lots in the downtown area and offers monthly parking rates for reserved parking in some lots. 291-2405. Visitors or persons conducting business in the Municipal Building or Police Department may park for free in the lot behind City Hall. 

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets may be paid in person or by mailing a check or money order with the ticket to the City of Wilson, Customer Service (Municipal Building where utilities bills are paid - 112 Goldsboro St. E.), P. O. Box 10, Wilson, NC 27894-0010. 399-2334.

Parks and Recreation Department

The City of Wilson Parks and Recreation Department operates 28 parks, provides ball fields at major parks, operates an 18-hole public golf course at Wedgewood, a Health Center and Fitness Room. Lighted tennis courts are maintained at five locations and the city operates three swimming pools. Programs offered range from arts and crafts to karate for youth and adults. League play is offered in soccer, softball, basketball, football, baseball, etc. For information on reservations and rental of facilities, or for the latest "At the Rec" activity schedule, call 399-2266. Offices are located at Recreation Park Community Center, 500 Sunset Rd., and Reid Street Community Center, 800 N. Reid St. See also Recreational Facility Reservations. 

* Passports

Applications for passports are available at the Clerk of the Court's Office in the Wilson County Courthouse, 125 E. Nash St. 291-7502. 

Permits and Licenses

See Licenses and Permits. 

Personal Property Tax

See Property Tax.


See Animal Licenses. 

Phone Service

The City of Wilson offers cable, phone and the fastest Internet rates in North Carolina through Greenlight, our locally-owned all-fiber optic network.. High definition TV packages are available as well as premium channels and video on demand. Triple play packages start at $99.95. For more information, visit http://www.greenlightNC.com or call 252.296.3374.

Picnic Shelters

See Recreational Facility Reservations

Planning Board

The Planning Board performs a number of land-use and zoning-related tasks. Most citizen interest is generated by hearings on zoning changes and amendments, subdivision plans and annexation requests. The Planning Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month in the Council Chambers, third floor, Municipal Bldg. (City Hall), 112 Goldsboro St. E. For more information, call Development Services at 399-2211. See also Board of Adjustment

Police Department

For emergencies, call 911. For non-emergencies, call 237-8300. The Police Department participates in several crime prevention, youth services, community relations and traffic safety programs. For information about programs, call 399-2323. 

Police Reports

Copies of accident and investigative reports are available for a fee. They can be obtained in person at the Police Department, 120 N. Goldsboro St., or they can be obtained by written request, if fee is sent in advance. 399-2323. 


Report potholes to the public services dispatcher at 399-2481. 

Property Claims Reporting

See Liability Claims. 

Property Tax

The City of Wilson's property tax rate is 51.5-cents per %100 valuation. Property taxes are levied on real property, automobiles, boats, trailers, campers, airplanes and income-producing personal property. City residents must pay both city and county taxes.  The tax rate for city residents is set by the Wilson City Council. The tax rate for county residents is set by the Wilson County Board of Commissioners. All taxes are collected by the Wilson County Tax Administrator's Office. 399-2900. 

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Office responds to media inquiries and maintains the city's three TV channels, 8, 16 and 22, as well as this website. 296-3398.

Public Safety

See Police Department; also Fire/Rescue Services.



Recreation Programs

See Parks and Recreation Department

Recreational Facility Reservations

Citizens can reserve picnic shelters, for a nominal fee, through the Parks and Recreation Department. Building facilities, such as Recreation Park Community Center, Reid Street Community Center, Pender Street Center and Wedgewood Clubhouse are available for rent. For information and reservations, call 399-2266.


Recyclable items should be placed in the red recycling bin and placed at the curb by 7am on your specified curbside collection day. Residents in apartments and condominiums serviced with central collection containers may deposit their recyclable items at any time. If you have questions about the city's recycling program, call the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling, 399-2466. See also Environmental Services

Restoration Center of Love

The Restoration Center of Love provides temporary shelter and training for homeless and displaced women. Call 206-4940.




See Environmental Services Division.

* Schools

For information on public schools, call the Wilson County Schools at 399-7700.

See also Education.

+ Science Museum

See Imagination Station

Senior Citizens

See Parks and Recreation Department; also Wilson County Office of Senior Citizen Affairs.

Sewer Service

See Water/Sewer. 

* Sheriff

See Wilson County Sheriff's Department 


See Street Construction and Maintenance Division


It is unlawful to post any sign on city utility poles. To report illegally posted private signs or to obtain a permit to erect a permanent, private sign, call 399-2219. Temporary signs also require a permit prior to raising, and may be kept up for 30 days. To obtain a permit to erect a temporary sign, call 399-2219. To get a city street sign installed or to report damage to a city street sign, call 399-2466. For information on posting political signs, call 399-2219. 

* Social Services

See Wilson County Department of Social Services.


See Parks and Recreation.

Speakers Bureau

Speakers from the city are available to speak to civic clubs, organizations, schools and church groups on a variety of topics. To request a speaker, call 399-2311.

Street Cleaning

The city contracts with Waste Industries, Inc., for street sweeping services. 291-6635. 

Street Construction and Maintenance Division

The Street Construction and Maintenance Division maintains 176 miles of streets in the city. Some streets and major thoroughfares are maintained by the state (US 264, NC 42, NC 58, US 301, I-95, Nash St., Tarboro St., Goldsboro St., Forest Hills Rd. and Ward Blvd). Call 399-2481 for city-maintained streets and 237-6164 for state-maintained streets. 

Street Lights

To report broken or burned out street lights, call the utilities dispatcher at 296-3460, day or night.

+ Substance Abuse, Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Wilson-Greene Mental Health provides specialized outpatient services for youth and adults who are experiencing problems related to substance abuse or chemical dependency. Services include: evaluation; diagnosis; treatment; continuing care; individual, group and family therapy; DWI assessments; alcohol and drug education traffic school; and an employee assistance program. 399-8021. See Wilson-Greene Mental Health; also Alcohol and Drug Council of Wilson County. 


See Parks and Recreation Department.






See Property Tax. 

Telephone Service

The City of Wilson offers cable, phone and the fastest Internet rates in North Carolina through Greenlight, our locally-owned all-fiber optic network.. High definition TV packages are available as well as premium channels and video on demand. Triple play packages start at $99.95. For more information, visit http://www.greenlightNC.com or call 252.296.3374.


See Parks and Recreation Department

Traffic Signs and Markings

The city Public Services Department maintains all traffic signs and markings on city streets. To report missing or damaged signs, call 399-2471.

Traffic Signal Malfunctions

To report traffic signal malfunctions, call the North Carolina State Department of Transportation at 237-6164 or the city utilities dispatcher at 399-2443, day or night. 

+ Trains

Passenger rail service is provided by Amtrak to points north and south and by The Carolinian from Rocky Mount to Charlotte. The station is located at 401 E. Nash St. Reservations must be made in advance. Check your local travel agent for reservations or call Amtrak at (800) 872-7245. 


See Airport, Bus Service, Department of Transportation, Trains, Traffic Signs and Markings, Wilson Transit System and Wilson Transportation Center. 


See Environmental Services Division

Tree Removal

No tree can be removed from city property or city right-of-way without approval from the city arborist in the Parks and Recreation Department. 399-2262. 



+ United Way of Wilson County

The United Way of Wilson County serves as a clearinghouse for many area human service programs and agencies, contact the United Way at 509 W. Nash Street. 237-3194. 


Volunteer Action Center of Wilson County

Volunteer Action Center of Wilson County
509 W. Nash Street
Wilson, NC  27893


email:  vacofwilson@nc.rr.com
volunteer information: 

* Voter Registration

Wilson residents may register to vote at the Wilson County Board of Elections (112 Douglas St. E). Voter registration is also available by mail, the Wilson County Public Library; Social Services; Health Dept.; Wilson Greene Mental Health; AFDC; WIC; Employment Security Commission; Dept. of Motor Vehicles (Driver's License Division); Beddingfield, Fike and Hunt High Schools; the armed forces recruitment offices and through special voter registration drives. For information, call the Board of Elections, 399-2836.




Wilson's water supply is taken from four reservoirs, Buckhorn and Wiggins Mill supplied by Contentnea Creek, and Lake Wilson and Toisnot supplied by Toisnot Creek. See Customer Service.  Wilson's supply includes seven billion gallons when full, enough to provide for the city's growth for 50 years or more.


For information about water bills and service, call 399-2200. For emergencies, nights and weekends, call 399-2444. Water/Sewer bills are itemized and included as part of the utilities bill. Bills are mailed monthly for the previous month's service based on usage. The bill includes the amount and due date. Bills may be paid by mail, at the Municipal Building, or through bank draft. Call 399-2160. See Customer Service; also Wilson Energy

; Waste Water Treatment ; Water Distribution ; Water Treatment


See Overgrown Lots.

+ Wesley Shelter, Inc.

The Wesley Shelter, Inc., is a temporary emergency home for abused or battered women and their children. Counseling, career training and placement, and education on domestic violence and rape are also provided. For more information, call 291-2344 or 237-6111.

Whirligig Festival

The Wilson Whirligig Festival is a family-friendly weekend arts festival designed to showcase the cultural and artistic hospitality of the Wilson Community. The event will bring families, artisans, craftsmen, vendors and savory foods to an area covering several blocks. 

+ Wilson Community Health Center

The Wilson Community Health Center is a private, not-for-profit medical practice to meet the primary health care needs of families and individuals in the Wilson County area. Located at 303 E. Green St. 243-9800. 

* Wilson County

The county of Wilson is governed by a seven-member Board of County Commissioners representing each of the electoral districts of the county. The Commissioners are the decision-making body for county government. Regular meetings of the Board are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m., in the Commissioners' Meeting Room, third floor of the Law Enforcement Center and Administrative Offices Building, 101 N. Goldsboro St. All meetings are open to the public. The county manager administers the day-to-day operations of county government and implements the policies enacted by the County Commissioners. County manager's office, 399-2803. 

* Wilson County Department of Social Services

Social services programs are provided by Wilson County. For information, call 206-4000. 

* Wilson County Office of Senior Citizens Affairs

This agency addresses the needs of senior citizens. It sponsors Meals on Wheels, congregate meal sites, and transportation for the elderly. 237-1303. 

* Wilson County Sheriff's Department

For emergencies call 911. For non-emergencies call 237-2118. 

Wilson Energy

For connections, disconnections, new service, transfer of service, or questions about lights, natural gas, water and sewer bills, contact Customer Service, first floor, Municipal Bldg. (City Hall), 112 N. Goldsboro St., or call 399-2200. The city of Wilson purchases electricity from the N.C. Eastern Municipal Power Agency. Wilson Energy provides electricity for consumers in the city of Wilson, most of Wilson County, and parts of six surrounding counties. Wilson provides citizens with a natural gas distribution system. Gas is purchased from North Carolina Natural Gas. For emergency connections and cut-offs, nights and weekends, call 399-2444. See also Street Lights.

* Wilson-Greene Mental Health

Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services - Among the mental health services available are emergency service and treatment, individual and group psychotherapy for children and adults, services to the chronically mentally ill, resident-based treatment services, court-related services and a prevention program. 399-8021. 

* Wilson Housing Authority

The Housing Authority owns and manages public housing for low-and moderate-income families, persons with disabilities and the elderly. Applicants must apply at the administrative office, 213 Broad St. 291-2245. 

+ Wilson Medical Center

Wilson Medical Center, a 388-bed licensed facility, is located at 1705 S. Tarboro St. Call 399-8040. For emergency ambulance service, call 911. 

Wilson Transit System

Wilson Transit System operates Monday through Saturday, 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Commuter Shuttle service is provided to some area industries. Para-transit services, lift equipment and Dial-a-Ride services are available to residents of Wilson who are confined to a wheel chair or otherwise unable to use regular bus service. Some restrictions apply. Call 399-2489. See Bus Service. 

Wilson Transportation Center

The Wilson Transportation Center, located at 320 E. Nash St., houses a variety of transportation systems, including the city's public transportation system, two intercity bus carriers, an independent cab company and a restaurant, 399-2489. Also see Bus Service and Wilson Transit System. 

+ Women's Programs

See Wesley Shelter; also Restoration Center of Love; Family Life Center. 



Yard Sale

Citizens are allowed one yard sale per year. No permit is required; however, a permit is required to erect a temporary sign advertising a yard sale. Signs must not be placed in the city's right of way at the street. Call 399-2216 to apply for permit. 

Youth Services

Boys Club, 243-5443; Police Athletic League, 399-2342; Today's Youth--Tomorrow's Dream (TYTD), Reid Street Community Center, 399-2287; Youth Council, 399-2308; Youth Enrichment Program, 237-1690. See Parks and Recreation


See Development Services Zoning, Planning Board; Board of Adjustment.




* Service provided by county or state government

 + Service provided by a non-governmental agency




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