Pay Range 12 Breakdown

Hourly (40 hrs.)$15.4227$23.1340
Hourly (42 hrs.)$14.6883$22.0324
Hourly (56 hrs.)$11.0162$16.5243

Accounts Payable and Receivable Technician

Range: $32,079.14 - $48,118.70 (12)
Position Number: 1923

Job Title:Accounts Payable and Receivable Technician

JOB SUMMARY:  This position performs technical accounting duties in support of the City’s Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions.
Manages the procurement card process; calculates tax; reviews documentation; reviews departmental approval;  enters individual transactions into computer; prints edit groups and reconciles to statements for accuracy; updates groups to finalize process; prepares draft payment report; compiles monthly reports; follows up with supervisor on any potential misuse of procurement card.
Manages the accounts payable purchase order payment process.
Completes an initial review on all new invoices as they are received and assigns the week for the invoices to be paid as the preliminary step for the data entry of all invoices.

Completes technical reviews on all invoices and requests for checks (account number, calculations) and reports suspicions of impropriety to Director of Finance.
Prepares and processes requests for authorization of payment of non-expenditure account transactions.
Manages encumbrance system; reconciles encumbrance ledger to general ledger;  updates general ledger with transactions from purchasing and inventory modules; reconciles subsidiary ledgers to general ledger.
Reviews all outstanding encumbrances throughout the fiscal year and works with departmental staff to identify those with partial balances that can be discharged and cancelled.
Processes travel expense reimbursement and advance requests.
Processes automated utility customer refunds; updates to accounts payable system for payments.
Processes monthly rental lease payments; maintains file of all current rental and lease agreements and payment schedules.
Reviews bank reconciliation for outstanding checks; contacts payee before putting check into escheat fund; prepares journal entries for escheat fund checks.  Assists in the maintenance of escheat funds ledger.
Administers miscellaneous accounts receivable; creates and process bills; monitors past due accounts and makes timely efforts to collect all monies; refers uncollectible accounts to outside collection agency or city attorney.
Cross trains on all aspects of the accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.
Administers the North Carolina Department of Revenue Debt Set-Off program through garnishment of tax refunds.
Maintains accounts receivable ledger and reviews for accuracy.
Issues refunds for overpayments.
Updates general ledger with postings from subsidiary HTE modules; reconciles general ledger updates with subsidiary ledger edits.
Maintains encumbrance ledger; reviews for old purchase orders and small dollar amount orders; researches purchase orders with departments; maintains accounting encumbrance ledger and balances with outstanding purchase order ledger.
Assists with sales tax refund accounting;  analyzes sales tax affidavits for accuracy;  codes taxes by county.
Provides performance trends on billing and collection of miscellaneous accounts receivable.
Performs all filing, sorting and mailing duties as assigned.
Assists in year-end close out and annual financial report preparation.
Serves as backup for other Accounts Payable/Receivable Technicians at times of absence;  updates the other Accounts Payable/Receivable Technicians to ensure they are current on all tasks specific to this position for back-up during periods of absence.  
Prepares credit applications for new vendors.
Maintains office supply inventory; purchases needed supplies.
Performs other related duties as assigned.
Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
Knowledge of city policy for disbursement processing and purchasing.
Knowledge of accounts payable and accounts receivable principles and practices.
Knowledge of the principles and practices of computerized financial information management.
Knowledge of relevant federal and state laws, city ordinances, and department policies and procedures.
Skill in operating office equipment such as a computer and calculator and accounting software.
Skill in oral and written communication.
SUPERVISORY CONTROLS:  The Fiscal Operations Manager assigns work in terms of general instructions.  Completed work is randomly tested for compliance with procedures, accuracy, and the nature and propriety of the final results.
GUIDELINES:  Guidelines include GAAP, relevant federal and state laws and city ordinances, and city and department policies and procedures.  These guidelines are generally clear and specific, but may require some interpretation in application. 
COMPLEXITY:  The work consists of related accounts payable duties.  The need for accuracy contributes to the complexity of the position.
SCOPE AND EFFECT:  The purpose of this position is to perform technical accounting functions in support of the city’s accounts payable functions.  Successful performance ensures the accurate and timely disbursement of city funds.
PERSONAL CONTACTS:  Contacts are typically with co-workers, other city employees, external auditors, representatives of federal, state and local agencies, and the general public.
PURPOSE OF CONTACTS:  Contacts are typically to give or exchange information, resolve problems, provide services, and justify, negotiate, or settle matters.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  The work is typically performed while sitting at a desk or table.  The employee frequently lifts light objects.
WORK ENVIRONMENT:   Team work environment that is typically performed in an office. 
Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with completion of specialized training in the field of work, in addition to basic skills typically associated with a minimum of an Associate degree in Accounting is preferred.
Experience sufficient to thoroughly understand the work of subordinate positions to be able to answer questions and resolve problems, usually associated with three to five years experience or service.
Consistent good attendance/timely arrival history.
Ability to be bonded.

Rev. 9-12