Pay Range 24 Breakdown

Hourly (40 hrs.)$33.9878$50.9817
Hourly (42 hrs.)$32.3693$48.5540
Hourly (56 hrs.)$24.2770$36.4155

Assistant Director of Finance, Business Operations

Range: $70,694.60 - $106,041.91 (24)
Position Number: 00081

JOB TITLE: ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF FINANCE, BUSINESS OPERATIONS           JOB SUMMARY:  This position is responsible for the management and oversight of all division operations for the Financial Services Business Office responsible for Utility and Greenlight customer service, billing, credit, collections and meter field services.                                                                                                                          MAJOR DUTIES:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Represents the Director of Finance concerning business operations by directing and leading all division personnel and resources; strategically assigning, overseeing evaluations and disciplines, and promoting personnel.
Keeps Director of Finance informed on all aspects of business operations and ideas related to process improvement; provides regular status reporting and dashboards on all areas within the division to provide a comprehensive financial overview of the division and outcomes.
Monitors and reviews daily operations to assure conformity with department goals and community interests.
Develops the annual operating and capital budget for this division and manages the approved budget.
Represents the division and department at public and private events.
Maintains and promotes communication within the department through meetings and other contacts.
Formulates and implements policies, procedures and oversees the maintenance of all division records.
Manages the activities of Customer Service programs; updates existing programs and services to meet best practice standards.
Receives, investigates, and resolves complaints, inquiries, and problems or concerns; holds informal appeals hearings with customers.
Oversees the activities of the Collection programs to ensure prompt follow up and depositing of monies collected to control the level of bad debt write-off.
Oversees the activities of the Billing programs to ensure accurate and timely billing of services provided.
Oversees the activities of the Meter Reading and Customer Service Technician programs to ensure accurate and timely reading and working of customer service orders.
Oversees the activities of the Greenlight Business Operations in provisioning, scheduling, billing and collection of Phone, Internet and Video services.
Performs other related duties as assigned. 
Knowledge of customer service, energy conservation, billing, credit, collections, meter reading, and public communications.
Knowledge of provisioning, scheduling, billing and collection of Phone, Internet and Video service operations.
Knowledge of management and leadership principles and practices; Skill in the leadership of personnel and working in a team environment.
Knowledge of departmental and city policies and procedures, federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
Considerable interpersonal communication skills; skills in public speaking and public relations.
Skill in the operation of standard office equipment, computers and computerized accounting softwares.
Skill in planning, organization, and decision making.
Skill in oral and written communication.

SUPERVISORY CONTROLS: The Director of Finance assigns work in terms of department goals and objectives. The work is reviewed through conferences, reports, and observation of division activities.

GUIDELINES: Guidelines include department standard operating procedures, North Carolina General Statutes, and relevant city, state, and federal codes, laws, and regulations. These guidelines require judgment, selection, and interpretation in application. This position develops department guidelines.

COMPLEXITY: Performs highly responsible work in planning, development, implementation and coordination of all Customer Relations of the Customer Service Center and satellite offices. The work consists of varied administrative and supervisory duties. The problems associated with collection activities and uncooperative customers contribute to the complexity of the position.

SCOPE AND EFFECT: The purpose of this position is to manage the operations of the Billing, Collection and Customer Service department for Utility operations and Greenlight operations. Successful performance facilitates and promotes the accurate and timely billing and collection of utility fees as well as phone, internet and video services.

PERSONAL CONTACTS: Contacts are typically with co-workers, other city employees, elected officials, vendors, members of community organizations, and the general public.

PURPOSE OF CONTACTS: Contacts are typically to give or exchange information, resolve problems, provide services, motivate personnel, and negotiate or settle matters.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The work is typically performed while sitting at a desk or table or while standing or walking. The employee occasionally lifts light object.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: The work is typically performed in an office.

SUPERVISORY AND MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY: The position has direct supervision over Customer Service Manager (1) and Billing Manager (1).

Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with the minimum of completion of a baccalaureate degree in a course of study related to the occupational field. Master’s degree is preferred.

Experience sufficient to thoroughly understand the diverse objectives and functions of the subunits in the division/department in order to direct and coordinate work within the division/department, usually interpreted to require three to five years of related experience.

Rev. 07/13