Greenlight Community Broadband

Local Service and Support

If you ever need to call for support, you’ll talk with someone right here in Wilson. The Greenlight system is operated by the City, and our employees live right here in our community. As your neighbors, we strive to provide you with excellent service. When you need help, just pick up the phone or come see us. We are here to serve you.

Greater Bandwidth

Greenlight has bandwidth to support 1Gbps Internet, making it the highest-speed residential Internet available in North Carolina. Unlike other providers making promises for the future, fiber technology makes this possible today! To meet your specific needs, we offer five levels of Internet bandwidth.

Superior Reliability

Fiber optic technology is superior to cable and telephone networks. Unlike these networks, fiber performance is not limited by distance (the way phone company DSL is) or by interference and shared bandwidth (the way cable coax is). We have invested in the most powerful technology available today in creating this new network—fiber!

Better Value

All of our services are designed to bring more value for your communications and entertainment dollar. As a truly local provider, we are committed to fair pricing. In addition, we don’t require contracts or other legal means to trap our customers. Our customers select Greenlight because of the everyday value we provide.

Quality Television

Our cable services offer hundreds of channels, including HD channels. Our pay-per-view service uses video-on-demand so you can start a movie when you want and pause or rewind it as you see fit. You have control.

Main contact number: 252-399-2200

Customer Service Hours:

Closed 8:30-5 8:30-5 8:30-5 8:30-5 8:30-5 9:00-12:00
(drive thru/phone only)

Technical Support Hours:

Available 24/7/365, even holidays!

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ALERT: A Greenlight customer reported a scam phone call today. The scammer said long distance phone charges would be billed separately this month. Greenlight has not made any changes to our services and bills will continue as usual. If you receive a call, please hang up immediately and do not provide any personal information. See MoreSee Less