Surplus Donations

Surplus Office Furniture/Equipment &
Computer Hardware/Software Donations

From time to time, the City makes available to non-profit organizations computer hardware and software and office furniture and equipment which has been declared surplus by City Council. This is equipment which has been determined to have little or no salvage value, and for which the city of Wilson no longer has use.

In accepting donation of surplused items, recipient organizations agree to accept property "as-is". Any equipment on the surplus list that is not conveyed to a non-profit organization by the deadline will be disposed of through the city's customary procedures.

As office items are periodically surplused, the city advertises their availability to non-profit organizations through direct mail to any organization that has specifically requested notification.

Preferences will be given to organizations located in the city of Wilson, with programs serving the citizens of the city of Wilson, followed by organizations located in Wilson County, specifically serving the citizens of the city of Wilson.

Not eligible are:

  1. any organization whose programs primarily serve individuals who do not reside in the city of Wilson
  2. tax-supported agencies (schools, city/county/federal agencies)
  3. churches (except where the donated equipment will be used for church-sponsored but secular programs open to the general public)

General Instructions:

  1. Applications must be typewritten or printed in ink. All information requested on the application must be provided. If information is not applicable, please indicate with N/A on appropriate line. Failure to provide the information requested will cause your application to be ineligible for funding consideration.
  2. Applicant may use up to one additional page, if needed, to completely answer questions. Any additional information provided should be numbered to correspond with the application form.
  3. Where applicant is requested to attach information, attachments should be numbered as requested on the application form.
  4. The City of Wilson reserves the right to request additional information from applicants at any time during the grant cycle.
  5. City funding of community agency programs or donation of surplus equipment and in-kind services are available only for projects, purposes, and functions that the City of Wilson itself has authority to perform under North Carolina General Statutes.
  6. The Committee for Community Project Funding strongly discourages any direct lobbying of individual city council members by applicant organizations or their representatives.
  7. Applications and signed contracts may be hand delivered to Office of the City Manager, third floor of the Municipal Building Annex, Corner of Nash and Goldsboro Streets, Downtown Wilson, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, or mailed to:
Committee for Community Project Funding
c/o Richard Williams
Purchasing Division
P.O. Box 10
Wilson, NC 27894-0010
Phone: 399.2307

To print a copy of the Surplus Application, please click the link below that corresponds to the type of request you are making. These files are in PDF format.


Surplus Donation Application Surplus Donation Application (14 KB)