Coupon Swap

Saturday, July 06, 2013-Saturday, July 06, 2013, 11am-1pm
Calendar: Community Calendar
Category: General
Location: The Hobby Shop, 2101 Tarboro St SW B7

At The Hobby Shop Coupon Swap, swappers meet weekly to share money-saving ideas while clipping and swapping coupons. The swap isn't just about trading deals and tips, but also about community engagement, and it's all FREE!!!!! How it works: 1) We're asking that each person bring their trading coupons in an envelope (or we will have some available for your use) with their first name clearly printed on the front. 2) During the swap, each person will pass their envelope around the table and let everyone choose the coupons that are needed. 3) When you've had the chance to look through all the available envelopes, we'll have a table with THS Coupons for you to look through as well. It's that simple... but there are a few rules Here are the coupon exchange rules: 1) If you partake, please reciprocate! Please be willing to share coupons that you will not be using in exchange for coupons you are taking. 2) If you come across an expired coupon, please place it in the center of the table. 3) Please be friendly. 3) If there is a problem, please notify the staff Remember the more attendees the more coupons for you to find.