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Specifications Manual

The City of Wilson’s Manual of Specifications, Standards, & Design (MSSD) has been compiled from state-of-the-art practices and methodologies, many of the current standards and practices used by the City of Wilson, from improvement standards used in other areas of the State of North Carolina. The minimum requirements specified herein for the City of Wilson have been determined to be reasonable as applicable to the City of Wilson. The manual was developed and prepared by Appian Consulting Engineers, PA, Rocky Mount, NC for the City of Wilson, NC.

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What are the fees for water and sewer taps?

Standard water and sewer tap fees are available here or you may call 252-399-2468 or 252-399-2465 for a quote.Is there water and sewer service available to a particular property?

You may call 252-399-2468 to verify availability or come by the Operations Center at 1800 Herring Ave.

How do I obtain a driveway permit?

Call 252-399-2195 and schedule an appointment with one of our inspectors. There is no charge and the permit will be issued on site.

When will my street be resurfaced?

City streets usually are usually resurfaced every 15-20 years. Depending on certain situations, they may need to be resurfaced sooner, or may last longer. The City of Wilson inspects all streets every 2 yrs and they are rated. A resurfacing list is published based on the rating scheme. You may call 252-399-2465 or 252-399-2468 for a complete listing.

Active Projects
  • Parkside Pond Stormwater Improvements
  • Merrimont Park Stormwater Improvements
  • Lipscomb Road Pedestrian Facilities
  • Tarboro Street Sidewalk
  • South Street Infrastructure and Paving
Tap Fees are available here (PDF).