1.         You must be at least 18 years of  age or present a completed (with signature of    parent or guardian) General Release and Permission Form for minors WPD  # 64,        for each ride along.


2.         Arrange for transportation to and from the appropriate district station or the main police    station .


3.         You must report to the on-duty supervisor on the date and time you are assigned to ride.  Riders must wear neat and clean clothing including street shoes.  No tennis shoes, T-            shirts or jeans are allowed.


4.         In order to comply with department polices and procedures, you must utilize the safety      belts and other safety equipment in the police vehicle.             


5.         Tape recorders are not permitted in the police vehicle.  Cameras may be used at the         discretion of the participating officer and the on-duty supervisor.


6.         Certain police calls are considered inherently dangerous and your police partner may         respond to such a call only after dropping you off at a safe place.


7.         You are encouraged to ask questions about police work, however, bear in mind that your   police partner cannot conceivably have knowledge of nor answer questions about every            event, past nor   present, occurring in the Wilson area.


8.         DO NOT  interfere, in any way with the officer’s handling of a situation; you may ask     questions concerning a specific assignment after it has been completed and you have left             the scene.


9.         You may observe an event, on your ride, which could require your appearance in court,     as a witness.


10.        The ride along may be terminated, at any time, by the police department.


11.        A liability release form (WPD # 64 or WPD # 65) is attached.  Please complete and have            the release form notarized, prior to a ride-along.  This form releases the City of Wilson       from liability for any injury or other disability you may sustain during the ride-along.


12.        Please sign, date and bring this form with you on your ride-along.



                                                            Participant Signature:____________________________




                                                                                                                            WPD # 64 Rev. 2/01