• A "grass roots" community involvement effort

  • Sponsored by Department of Planning and Development Services

  • Participants included a variety of citizens from varied backgrounds and expertise, including attorneys, property owners & managers, and renters

  • Over 80 persons on a contact list to receive monthly newsletters on the group's progress, including neighborhood groups and City Council, with active and regular participation by many on the contact list

Housing Focus Group Background

Active Participants and Partial Contact List for Housing Improvement Focus Group

Darren Skinner

Penny Womble

Martha Brooks

Ruby Ottimo

Cynthia Best

Joyce Morgan

Mary Lucas

Myrtle Bryan

Dale Breedlove*1

Johnnie May Williams

Richard Smith

John Benson

Scott Benson

Nathan Hawkins

Mark Gordon

Carolyn* & Leroy Harris

Carolyn Brewer

Janet Underwood

Michael Barnes

YoLanda Davis

Sylvia Coleman

Barbara Blackston

Deanie Dawson

John Keller*

Bobby Jenkins

Doris Jones*

Willie Williams

Lloyd Holman

Sheila Simms

Rodney Denton*

Evangeline Velma McNeil*

Oglatha Woodard*

Evangeline McNeil*

Shirley Parker*

Lillie Cooper*2

David Boyette

Sarah Williams

Mike McAllister

Rodney Creech

Rodney Denton*

Charlotte Turner*

Roderick Taylor

Dr. Norval C. Kneten

Morgan Dickerman

Georgia Boulo

Neighborhood Groups

Bill Blackman (City Council)

City Council Members

Notes: 1 Chairman; 2 Vice Chairperson, * Members of Steering Committee

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