Code Improvements

  • Recommend that City's Customer Services should require tenants to turn on all available utilities, and that the responsible individual(s) signing for utility services is the same as individual(s) on the lease

  • Others:

    • Recommend specific requirements for designated and defined parking areas in the front yard (impervious material) and require provisions to also be part of any lease

    • Recommend general code changes to the dwelling and grounds, such as minimum amperage, clear crawl spaces under house, proper lot grading

    • Use Durham's standards for lead based paint poisoning problems

    • Recommend that property manager must include in their lease agreement a pre-rental checklist and that this tenant/landlord pre-rental checklist sheet be completed by the tenant and landlord upon entering into a lease agreement

    • Recommend that owners or authorized agents be required to designate their units with Planning and Development Services for prompt identification & penalties occur if not submitted. Also, recommend that City Customer Services provide a pre-rental checklist for the occupant's use at the time of a request for utility services

    • Recommend that primary heating equipment (vented gas wall unit, electric type base board unit, fireplace insert, or space vented heater) be provided (preferably in central location) capable of heating at least 1 room for every 1,000 SF (or portion thereof) of unit size to 68 degrees F 3' above the floor during ordinary winter conditions

    • Require painting similar to the language as set forth in Durham Ordinance

    • Recommend that minimum standards be developed for existing mobile homes

    • Place a time limit on the use or display of temporary seasonal lighting on housing units.

Rewrite Codes To Better Serve Everyone

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