• Recommend a time limit (such as 48 hours) be given to occupants and/or owners for repairing hazardous conditions. Also, impose time limit for repairing other unsafe conditions that require attention (but not necessarily immediate attention). Where owners fail to repair unsafe/hazardous conditions, the tenant may withhold rent until such time the repairs are made. Also, establish a specific time (90 days) for correcting other violations, with flexibility (30 days or more) based upon type of repair required, amount accomplished and number of units to be repaired. Also, tenant be responsible for NC Statutes related to tenant and any violation be cited by Code Compliance Officers and submitted to the property manager/owner:

  • Others:

    • Recommend that occupants operate installed heating equipment as intended in appropriate fashion and not remove or uninstall

    • Recommend that time limit for imposing fines be reduced such that when a owner fails to comply with minimum housing standards on the fourth inspection, escalating fines be imposed

    • Recommend that Housing Compliance Certificate be issued when a unit is in compliance with minimum housing standards and that electrical power not be released to any written-up unit until such certificate is issued.

    • Study additional inspector needs based upon inspection, code and enforcement needs, especially given the additional standards, enforcement and other changes to the code that might be approved.

    • Recommend that owners or authorized agents be required to designate their units with Planning and Development Services for prompt identification & penalties occur if not submitted

    • Recommend expectations of proper workmanship and installation characteristics, be included in the ordinance

    • Recommend code provision for landlords and tenant responsibilities and that use of written leases (such as NC Real-estate Commission example) by property owners be encouraged.

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