PETE Street (TM)

Wilson Energy is offering FREE home energy-saving workshops to its customers.  You will learn
(1)    how household energy is typically used and wasted,
(2)    no-cost and low-cost ways to reduce home energy bills, and
(3)    easy do-it-yourself energy-saving projects!
Workshops will be taught for groups of neighbors, typically in a neighbor’s home and are designed to be fun as well as educational.  There are two types of workshops:
(1) Our starter 1-hr Basic Energy Education workshop featuring Energy BINGO and
(2) Our 1½-hr Hands-On Workshop where you learn & do energy projects in your own home with friends and neighbors!
CALL NOW to sign up for a workshop near you!  Save money! 
Call Drenda Carpenter, Wilson Energy 252-399-2415 or email; Pam Wheeler, 252-399-2414,; and Annie Ruth Woodard, 252-399-2413,
Also, please sign up for our monthly Pete Street Energy Savings newsletter by clicking here or ask Drenda to sign you up.