Commercial Gas Services

To assure that the correct size gas service, meter, and regulator will be installed, the customer or the HVAC/mechanical contractor must supply Wilson Energy with the total BTUH load and the system delivery pressure. Please e-mail the BTUs per appliance and the delivery pressure required to or fax to (252) 399.2191 when applying for service. At that time, the size and placement of the service will be determined.

Services CAN NOT be installed:

  • Inside fenced areas.
  • Anywhere subject to damage.
  • Within three feet of openings in buildings, including crawl spaces, windows and doors. A service can be installed within three feet of an existing vent if the vent has been permanently closed.
  • Within three feet of any ignition source, including electrical, television or telephone connections; electric meters; and furnaces.

Once the gas service has been installed, either the contractor or the owner/customer must call the Wilson Energy office at (252) 399.2432 to have the meter set. Once the meter has been set and the piping has passed inspection, the owner/customer must call Customer Service at (252) 399.2162 to have the gas service turned on.  The gas meter will not be set until requested.