Apply for Service

The following information pertains to both residential and commercial services. For more detailed information, click the appropriate link:

To have gas service installed, an application must be completed at the Wilson Inspections Department. The Inspections Department is located on the first floor of City Hall at 112 N Goldsboro St, next to the Police Department.

A $50 fee is due with the application. This fee pays for 100 feet of gas pipe (starting at the property line) and setting the meter. Any services over 100 feet in length are subject to an additional charge for pipe only. Such charges depend on the size of the pipe installed.

A $25 charge is required to have the gas service turned on and an additional $25 charge if the customer requests that the City light the appliance pilot lights. The City of Wilson will light pilot lights ONLY when turning on the gas service or if work has been done to the service or meter by Wilson Energy. Additional fees may apply in order for the service to be turned on.  For more information contact Customer Service at (252) 399.2162 or visit their office at 208 Nash St. NE.

Once a customer has applied for gas service and has paid the $50 application fee, a work order will be sent to Wilson Energy. A Wilson Energy employee will then visit the site and decide where to install the gas service. Wilson Energy will then contact the North Carolina One Call Center for all public utilities to be located along the line's path, which generally takes two working days.

Any private lines on the property, such as sprinkler systems, drain lines,. water or sewer lines, lighting, wiring, etc., must be marked by the property owner. The Gas Division will not be responsible for damaged to unmarkled or insufficiently marked lines.

It will take an average of two weeks for the gas service to be installed at locations along city-maintained streets, and four to six weeks at locations along state-maintained streets.  To see if your road is state-maintained click on the following link to visit the NCDOT Secondary Road Lookup page.