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Electric Rates

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We're happy to talk with industrial or large commercial customers about electric rates and costs in our coverage area. Please contact Bob Arrington, Key Accounts Manager, at barrington@wilsonnc.org or (252) 399.2417. 

Residential Electric Rate Schedule RES-92 (effective February 1, 2012)


This schedule is available when electric service is used for domestic purposes in and about a residential dwelling unit, including electric service used on a farm and in the preparation of the farm’s products for market. A residential house served under this schedule may be used as a boarding house, fraternity house, tourist home, or like establishment, provided such residential house is one which ordinarily would be used as a private residence.

Service under this schedule is not available for processing (or handling) for market of farm products produced by others, for separately metered farm operations, for individual motors in excess of 10 HP (in exceptional cases, motors as large as 15 HP may be served upon approval by the engineering department), for commercial or industrial purposes, or for other uses not specifically provided for by the provisions herein, or for breakdown, standby supplementary, or for resale.

Nonfossil energy sources caused by acts of nature such as wind or solar are permitted as supplement to customer’s energy requirement provided company is granted the right to install, operate, and monitor special equipment to measure customer’s load or any part thereon and to obtain any other data necessary to determine the operating characteristics and effects of the installation.

This schedule is also available for electric service used primarily for lighting specifically designed for outdoor fields which are normally used for football, baseball, softball, and tennis.


This schedule is applicable to all electric service of the same available type supplied to customer’s premises at one point of delivery through one kilowatt-hour meter.

Type of Service:

The types of service to which this schedule is applicable are alternating current, 60 hertz, either single phase 2 or 3 wires, or three phase 4 wires, at City’s standard voltages of 240 volts or less.

Monthly rate

Single Phase Service

Year Round Residential Rate

$10 Basic Customer Charge
13.10 ¢ Per kWH for all kWH