City of Wilson Renewable Energy Program

The City of Wilson has implemented a Small Renewable Energy Program through Wilson Energy for the purpose of purchasing power from customers who wish to generate power from renewable energy projects which include solar, wind and bio-mass. Residential projects are limited to 20 kW (or smaller) systems and commercial projects are limited to 100 kW (or smaller) systems. All documents describing this program and the requirements thereof are available here for download. A credit for each kilowatt hour produced will be applied to the customer's bill and other credits may be applied for through the NC GreenPower program. The City of Wilson is also authorized to collect voluntary contributions to NC GreenPower which are forwarded to them for their use in supporting renewable energy projects in NC.

Please call Bob Arrington at 252-399-2417 or Drenda Carpenter at 252-399-2415.


Typically, carbon emission, or more specifically CO2 production, is about 2 lbs per kWh for a fossil fired facility. Actual heat rates, fuel content, operating cycles can affect this number, but not significantly.

Due to Wilson Energy's ownership interest [ through the NC Eastern Municipal Power Agency ] in nuclear and large coal facilities and the power supply mix of our supplemental power provider, Wilson Energy and NCEMPA's estimated CO2 equivalent is 0.53 lb / kWh for 2013 compared to 0.83 (estimated) for Duke Energy Progress. Our customers can use these numbers to determine their energy related carbon (CO2) production.