Stormwater Retrofits

Another component of the stormwater management program is identifying and implementing stormwater retrofits.  Regulations require that new development meet certain stormwater treatment standards but stormwater from existing development is mostly left untreated.  Many of these existing developments can be retrofitted to include some type of stormwater treatment that may not have previously been available or required.  The new development review helps prevent any further problems while the retrofit program helps correct existing ones. 

The Stormwater Division relies upon grants from county, state, and federal agencies for funding of these stormwater retrofits.  Below are some of the possible funding sources.

  • Clean Water Management Trust Fund
  • NC DWQ Section 319 Grant Program
  • Community Conservation Assistance Program
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Ecosystem Enhancement Program
  • NC Sea Grant

Throughout the year the Stormwater Division identifies possible locations for stormwater retrofits that have the opportunity to reduce stormwater pollution while providing some type of benefit or savings to the property owner.  These ideas are then presented to the interested stakeholders and put on the list awating grant funding.  If you feel that a stormwater retrofit would be a welcome addition to your property, please contact Daryl Norris at 252-296-3305.  

As an incentive to install stormwater retrofits, property owners can qualify for reductions in their stormwater utility fee according to the Stormwater Credit Policy.

 Potential Stormwater Retrofit Opportunities

  • Wet pond behind Bible Missionary Baptist Church
  • Bioretention cells at the City Operation Center parking lot
  • Bioretention cells at the downtown city party lots
  • Pond, Wetland, or Bioretention cell at the Save-a-lot parking lot
  • Lakeside drive traffic calming bioretention cells
  • Wet pond at city park on Buckingham
  • Water quality park along Hominy Creek inside Ward Blvd.
  • Stream restorations along tributaries to Hominy Creek
  • Stream restorations along tributaries to Contentnea Creek


Completed Retrofit Projects

Stream stabilization at Buckingham

Vegetated Swale at Maplewood Cemetary

Stream restoration at Wedgewood Golf Course