Code Enforcement

Stormwater Management Ordinance
The City of Wilson has adopted a Stormwater Management Ordinance “to protect water quality for present and future residents of the City and surrounding regions by limiting the amount of pollutants including but not limited to nitrogen in stormwater runoff that makes its way into the City of Wilson’s stormwater drainage system."
This ordinance provides the authority to prohibit the discharge of non-stormwater to the City stormwater drainage system and details the enforcement actions taken upon a violation. Basically only rain should go down the drain.  
Stormwater Violations
The Stormwater Management Ordinance details the following four specific violations:
  • Depositing certain substances into the stormwater drainage system – The discharge of any substance into the stormwater drainage system that is potentially harmful to human, animal, or plant health, creates a nuisance, or interferes with the flow of stormwater is prohibited.
  • Exposure of certain substances to stormwater – Any substances identified above must be kept covered and protected from being allowed to mix with stormwater.
  • Obstructing stormwater drainage systems – It is unlawful to place any object or substance into the stormwater drainage system that interferes with the free flow of stormwater
  • Alteration of the stormwater drainage system – No one may construct, repair, or alter any portion of the stormwater drainage system without first obtaining a permit to do so.
If a stormwater violation is observed by a city official, the property owner and/or responsible party will be notified in writing with a Notice of Violation. This notice details the source of the violation, required corrective measures, and any resulting fines. Noncompliance with this ordinance can result in the issuance of fines that can escalate to $5000 per violation per day. It is the City’s goal to achieve cooperation and avoid fines and future water quality degradation.
Stormwater Hotline
Because stormwater division staff cannot be everywhere at all times, there are two main methods of discovering and identifying stormwater violations. The first is by referral from other government officials and concerned citizens. The Stormwater Division maintains a 24 hour automated stormwater hotline (252-296-3306) for citizens to report any potential stormwater violations. These reports are then investigated by staff and appropriate action is taken. 
High Priority Sampling
The second method for identification and removal of pollutant discharges into the stormwater drainage system is accomplished through systematic field inspections and screenings. A minimum of 10% of the City’s stormwater outfalls are inspected annually for any evidence of and illegal discharge. These screenings are done during dry weather periods and water flows still present are sampled and analyzed to determine the source of the discharge. 
Most common violations and how to prevent them.
What should I do if I notice a stormwater violation?
What should I do if I receive a Notice of Violation?

If you have questions, please contact Daryl Norris 
at (252) 296-3305.

 STORMWATER HOTLINE (252) 296-3306