Public Education

Part of the stormwater program mandated by the state is a public education and outreach component. This program aspect teaches the public how to protect water quality and reduce water quantity concerns by not discharging pollutants and obstructive materials into the stormwater drainage system.

Tradeshow Display
The stormwater department has a popup table top display that is part of an educational booth at events such as the Whirlligig festival and the Wilson County Fair. This display highlights a few of the most common home causes of water pollution and appropriate steps to correct the problems.

Through a NC 319 stormwater education grant, the city was able to purchase a three-dimensional model that shows how stormwater pollution affects our streams and waterbodies. This interactive display allows children to see and experience hands on that what they do in their own yards washes downstream and has a large effect on the environment. 
Clean Water Education Partnership
The City of Wilson is a partner of the Clean Water Education Partnership, which is a administered by the Triangle J Council of Governments. This partnership is comprised of a group of local governments within the Neuse River basin. By partnering together, municipalities can pool resources to produce mass communications, such as tv and radio commercials. 
Workshops and Seminars
Occasionally the stormwater division sponsors workshops and seminars for local business owners and maintenance professionals to help increase understanding of current regulations and ease communications with the stormwater division. The city hopes to host a stormwater workshop every 6 months. If your business, organization, or home owners association would like to host a workshop or have someone from the stormwater division come and speak, please contact Daryl Norris at 252-296-3305.     
Catch Basin Marking Program

If you have ever taken a look at many of the storm drains throughout the city, you may have noticed one of the forms of public outreach from the stormwater division. Markers are placed on the catch basins saying “No Dumping, Drains to Creek” These are to hopefully make people realize that stormwater does not go to the treatment plant and only rain should go down the drain. 

Home Solutions to Stormwater Pollution