The Strategic Traffic Enforcement Patrol (S.T.E.P.) Unit utilizes traffic enforcement resources to not only address traffic related concerns throughout the city, but also is effectively used in conjunction with other policing efforts to address ongoing crime trends and concerns in specific areas of the city. Strict enforcement is used in correlation with positive community contacts, such as traffic safety presentations, to help reduce the number of deaths, injuries, and crashes as well as the occurrences of serious traffic offenses occurring within the jurisdiction.

The officers assigned to the S.T.E.P. Unit are responsible for handling the majority of the traffic crashes and other traffic related concerns that occur within the City of Wilson. The officers assigned to this unit are specially trained in: RADAR, detection of impaired drivers, field sobriety test, and the advanced investigation and reconstruction of major traffic crashes (those resulting in fatal or serious injuries likely to result in death) and they use these skills on nearly all major traffic crashes that happen in city.