Investigation Division Services

Homicide Task Force is a group of investigators currently assigned to specialize in the investigation of homicides.  Additionally, the homicide task force is assigned cold case homicide investigations.

Burglary Task Force is a group of investigators specializing in the investigation of residential and commercial burglaries occurring throughout the city.  They specialize in the recovery of stolen property and burglary patterns within the city.

District/General Investigators is a group of detectives that work various types of cases within the city, specifically within the district they are assigned.  They work cases ranging from felony larcenies, motor vehicle thefts, motor vehicle burglaries, missing persons, rapes, robberies, arsons, and white collar crimes and fraud related incidents.

Juvenile Investigators are assigned many juvenile related crimes in which juveniles are either suspects or victims.  They work closely with juvenile issues and represents the agency in juvenile court proceedings.

Forensics are responsible for many aspects of the criminal investigation.  They work crime scenes for physical evidence.  They look for latent evidence, compare latent evidence, and prepares sketches and testify in court proceedings.  Forensic personnel are skilled in scientific methods of evidence collection, preservation, and analysis.

Victim’s Assistance provides assistance to victims of crimes.  There are many ways this coordinator assists victims long after the crime.  Our victim’s assistance coordinator assists with death notifications, and aids victim’s in ways of compensation as a result of being a victim of a crime.  She also maintains records and disseminates information for the Wilson County Crime Stoppers.