Administration Division Services

Police Information Systems:   This section consists of the two Police Information Technology Specialists. This Unit is supervised by the Administration Division Captain.  This unit is responsible for technical support on all technology based equipment which includes our email system, server system, in-car camera, network printers, and mobile and desktop computers, The Police Information Technology Specialists are the department’s liaison with the City’s Information Technology Service and other city, county, private agencies.

Downtown Officer:  The Downtown Officer is responsible for patrolling and enforcing the laws and city ordinances in the Central Business District.

Training: Coordinates in-service training programs that address the needs of the department. Provides career development counseling and schedules re-certification and other classes as approved through the chain of command.


Recruitment: Recruits and processes qualified applicants. Serves as a liaison with the Basic Law Enforcement Training academy personnel and Department sponsored applicants. Also serves as the liaison for the Department’s Health Maintenance program.

Housing: This program was established to provide designated enforcement in the Housing areas of the City. This officer works directly with Wilson Housing Authority to provide safer neighborhoods for the residents who live in public and Section 8 housing. Some of his duties are assisting residents in community events, providing educational programs for all age groups and taking enforcement action in these housing sectors when necessary. He has become a staple in the housing community, with residents calling him for a wide variety of assistance requests, ranging from child mentoring to assistance with job applications.

The Housing Authority Officer is responsible for 3 housing amps.  These areas are Forest Hills Homes, Whitfield Homes, and E. B. Jordan Homes.  There are several complexes throughout the city attached to these three amps.  The housing officer maintains a tenant list and ban list in the housing area.  This can be located on the v drive of our computer system.