Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy provides insight into the reality of policing and

problems in the community that require our joint efforts to solve.  The Academy is designed to give citizens a broader knowledge, and a clearer understanding of how the Wilson Police Department operates, the duties of police officers, and what you as citizens can do to make our community a be

tter and safer place in which to live.

Through this class, citizens are exposed to all pha

ses of police work, its functions, and expectations.  Qualified instructors conduct 2 hour classroom sessions once a week for a total of 9 weeks. There are normally 2 or 3 Saturday sessions which are "hands on" practicals.  Participants are afforded the opportunity to ask questions, participate in class demonstrations and ride along with police officers. Thus, forming a viable partnership between the Police Department and the community.

Graduates of the Citizens Police Academy are invaluable tools as they serve as volunteers and advocates for this partnership.


What You As Citizens Can Do

As citizens, there are many things that you can do to help your Police Department as well as your city.

You as citizens can join forces with the Police Department to help combat crime in your community as well as your city. You can enroll in the Citizens Police Academy and share with others your interests and ideas. Community Watch Programs can be organized giving you as citizens more control over your neighborhood. Become a volunteer with the department and relieve full time clerical employees for an hour or two.

Through unity there is strength. And, with your involvement and participation in the Citizens Police Academy, Wilson as a whole, without a doubt, will be a better and safer place for all.  Enroll today in the Citizens Police Academy and help strengthen the bond between the Police Department and community. Your participation is wanted and needed.

For enrollment information, call 399-2323