City Beautification

Let's keep Wilson forever a "City of Beautiful Trees" The Parks and Recreation Department plants various trees, shrubs and flowers around the city for an ongoing beautification project. In 2005, approximately 14,000 impatiens, vinca, salvia, canna, marigolds, cosmos, ageratum and caladiums were planted in flowerbeds around various traffic islands, right-of-ways, and parks of the city. The City of Wilson, which has been designated "Tree City USA" for 22 years has an ongoing tree planting and maintenance program which will eventually carry on the destiny of our huge street oaks which form a majestic canopy around our city's many streets. Since 1977, the Parks and Recreation Department has planted over 8,900 trees along our streets and parks.


Since the adoption of a city tree ordinance in 1977, the City of Wilson's Parks and Recreation Department has assumed the responsibility for planting and maintaining trees in public right-of-ways, parkways, and other municipally owned property in both old and new neighborhoods within the city limits. The trees will be planted during January. Citizens who would like to have a tree planted in the curb area adjacent to their property should place their order now for next year by calling the Recreation Department at 399.2266


A Tree for Tomorrow

"...plant trees to benefit another generation." Anonymous

Remember Your Loved Ones. How? Plant a tree in their honor

To Honor: A Loved One, Friend or Community Organization
To Acknowledge: Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Graduations
To Recognize: Leadership, Service or Accomplishments
To Enhance Community_____ In Memory of___________

How Does It Work?
Loved ones will be remembered with plantings.
Our Book of Honor will be kept by the Wilson Appearance Commission at City Hall.
Values of Acknowledgement will be sent to honoree-family and contributor.
Each plant will be located along the city streets and parks. They will be canopy-type trees, such as oaks and maples, and of excellent quality. The City of Wilson will install the plantings and maintain them.

Donations can be made by individuals, groups, or families. Six to eight foot trees Amounts under $50 may be designated for flowers or shrubs. Undesignated amounts under $50 will be pooled and applied to purchase of trees.