Strategic Plan

Chief Oliver

The City of Wilson Fire/Rescue Services prides itself on customer service. The quality of service to our customers inside and outside the organization depends to a large extent on how we plan our future.

The City of Wilson Fire/Rescue Services has created a Strategic Plan since accreditation in 2002. Our organization has utilized members from all areas of the department to help establish strategic goals during our budgeting process in the past. This document is a merger of the goals into a single document.

This Strategic Plan should serve as a road map to help guide our future. We have incorporated a review and planning process into our Standard Operating Procedure Manual. The planning team establishes issues and goals that will be incorporated into action plans. Progress will be measured in a variety of ways.

The planning process sets goals and includes general time frames within which to complete them. We will periodically reevaluate the goals and adjust our course, as necessary; along the journey…being flexible is an important part of effective planning.

I would like to thank the planning team and each of the members of WF/RS, who work every day to move us effectively toward the future.

Don Oliver
Fire Chief