Historically Underutilized Businesses Program

Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) Mission:

Through the HUB Program, the City of Wilson, North Carolina pledges to:

  • Provide minorities and women equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of City contracting and purchasing programs.
  • Prohibit discrimination against a person or business in pursuit of these opportunities on the basis of race, color, sex, religion or national origin.

North Carolina State Affidavit forms



HUB Quick Pay Policy

The City of Wilson realizes that minority contractors and suppliers require expedient payment of their work invoices in order to meet cash flow demands. The City of Wilson has in place a program to pay invoices by means of a mailed check after 12:00 noon on Friday of a normal work week (no holidays) when the following criteria have been met in advance of submission of the invoice for payment:

  1. A letter on company stationery directed to the Purchasing Manager stating that the firm is requesting quick payment of the invoice due to the fact that the firm making the request is either a HUB contractor or has a HUB as a subcontractor on the project. The letter should reference the particular project number or bid number for the contract for which the quick pay request is in effect. A letter is required for each project.
  2. Submission of an approved invoice (required approvals vary by project but may include some of all of the following: Architect/Engineer, Building Maintenance Supervisor, and departmental personnel. The various types of approval for a particular invoice should be determined by the contractor with the help of the Purchasing Manage prior to issuance of an invoice for payment. No invoice will be paid where the work has not been completed as stipulated in the contract/bid Or if the staff person responsible for the project deems the work to be substandard or unsatisfactory in his/her judgment.
  3. An executed copy of the "Contractor's Sales Tax Report", which may be obtained from either Accounting or Purchasing must accompany each invoice in order for the invoice to be paid.
  4. All approved invoices the "Contractor's Sales Tax Report" attached must be submitted to Accounts Payable by 12:00 noon on Wednesday in the order for a check to be mailed out on Friday afternoon.


HUB Certification Form

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NC Institute of Minority Economic Development
US Minority Business Center
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NC Department of Transportation
Carolina Minority Supplier Dev Council
NC Division of Purchase & Contract
NC Secretary of State
Office of Information Technology
Self-Help Credit Union
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Minority Business Participation Outreach Plan
January, 2002

The following is the City of Wilson Minority Business Participation Outreach Plan for the purpose of complying with Senate Bill 914, adopted December 6, 2001, and effective January 1, 2002.  This plan will remain in effect until statutory or procurement rules changes or policy effectiveness dictate amendment.

The purpose of this policy is to assist the City of Wilson in the reaching the goal of 5% minority business participation in all construction contracts, adopted February 1, 1990.
To encourage minority business participation in all construction contracts to which Senate Bill 914 applies, the City of Wilson will perform the following:
The City of Wilson will research the Historically Underutilized Business resources, as projects are about to be advertised or monthly whichever is longer and record all Historically Underutilized Businesses which have registered on that site. The resources to be checked are as follows:
State of North Carolina, Department of Administration, HUB website database
N.C.S.U. Database of HUB Contractors
N.C. Department of Transportation HUB site
City of Winston-Salem, HUB Directory
City of Raleigh, HUB Directory.
The City of Wilson will, on or before any publication of a notice of bid, email or mail a copy of the notice of bid to selected HUB’s, which have registered with any of the above sites, for the particular category being bid.
The City of Wilson will advertise in a local newspaper, currently the Wilson Daily Times; a regional urban newspaper, currently the News and Observer; and a newspaper serving the area which currently serves a large minority population, currently Greater Diversity, all advertisements for bid of construction contracts to which this policy applies. In addition, the City of Wilson will advertise on the Purchasing/Warehouse website, as well as the Public Access Channel on local cable. Both the website and cable site will include a notice that all bidders, especially HUB’s are invited and encouraged to submit a bid.
The City of Wilson will maintain a listing of all HUB’s who contact the City of Wilson to request that they be notified of a public bid offering.  All HUB’s on such list will be furnished a copy of all advertisements for invitations for bid in the categories they have requested.  The advertisement will be at least ten (10) days in advance of the bid opening.  The advertisement will include a description of the work for which the bid is being solicited, the date, the time, and location where bids may be submitted and where bids will be opened, the name of the city employee or representative who is available to answer questions about the project, where bid documents may be reviewed or a copy obtained, and any other special requirements that may exist.
The City of Wilson will conduct a seminar on bidding on contracts to any and all
potential bidders, especially HUB’s as requested and as bids are contemplated.

A representative of the City of Wilson will attend all scheduled prebid conferences conducted for projects to which Senate Bill 914 applies.  At the prebid conference, the representative will furnish a list of all HUB’s in the applicable bid category, of which the City of Wilson is aware.  The City of Wilson will furnish, upon request, a copy of this policy.

The City of Wilson, its employees, and its consultants will take necessary measures to encourage the education, recruitment, and interaction between minority businesses, non minority businesses and the City of Wilson.
The Purchasing Manager will cause this policy to be implemented.
            Richard Williams
            Purchasing Manager
            July 2005 (Revision)